Over at Troll Racials are overpowered, Klepsacovic came up with whiny post day, which is essentially to post something where you whine and others disagree with your whining. So I get to be Gohsotcrawler for a day! Or Adam Holisky for that matter. Thank god for this because I have been literally trolling around on the internets for the last half hour in an attempt to find anything to blog about. Something funny – nothing. Interesting? – nada. I checked all the usual suspects of whom I could read something stupid and then make fun of them – wow.com – and I still couldn’t find anything. Man, it must be a slow post day today I thought. And then I remebered that today was whiny post day and all my chickens have been saved!

Something to whine about … hmmm … lets see. Other bloggers will be doing this as well so it has to be good as I will be compared to them and if I don’t measure up to scratch then I will be the laughing stock of the blogosphere. So I probably can’t whine about my dog who chose last night to run off in willfull disobiedance for the first ever time and is now in a state of fucking DISGRACE and he better not make a peep for the whole day. But that wouldn’t interest you guys that much. This is ridiculous. I am the king of the whiners and on whiny post day when everyone is whining I can’t find anything to whine about! Am I so happy? Is my life so fantastic that I walk around with some sort of blissful new-age dopey smile on my fat buttery face whilst people around me are being struck by asteroids?? Why can’t I whine about my new guild, Single Abstract Noun, which is rapidly becoming my spot of choice? Hey you new guildies, you’re all so pathetic, you do stuff like be nice to me all the time and you immediately come on 5 mans with me and you put up with my tanking and none of you made fun of me yesterday when in guild chat I actually asked if they were any tailors online so somebody could make me some fine thread because I’m levelling blacksmithing, (fuck knows why), and apparently you need fine thread in order to hammer out huge clunky pieces of mail armor, and then nobody answered, even though there had been rolls of guild chat uninterrupted for fucking hours and now there was a pause as if somebody making a speech at a wedding had just said that he had once fucked the bride but she was a dead root, until someone whispered me that you buy fine thread at vendors, and then I whispered back a thank you and then I thought a little bit and also whispered that I must seem like a little bit of a noob eh? hahaha, and they replied, yes, and then my whole world collapsed around me as it struck me that this is a bloggers guild for fucks sake and bloggers can’t be noobs, we must be know-it-alls who know everything about everything, and I could only just imagine all the snikerings going on behind the computers you bunch of fucking bastards but it’s okay because thank god it’s whiny post day today and everyone will have forgotten about it.