Or maybe they just made her sad. It’s made me sad that’s for sure. Last night I jumped on the SAN guild for 10 minutes to check some AH stuff and someone mentioned in chat that the crankyhealer blog was down, (the link is on my side bar). Yesterday Cranky got linked to by wow.com so I immediately volunteered this as a reason for it’s non operational status. But then I was informed that she had deleted all of her blog apart from the linked-to article and a goodbye note. She had also diasbled comments.

So I went to check things out for myself. And it is true. She has opted out due to not being able to put up with the comments. I always liked Cranky’s blog. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s enthusiastic, generous and amusing. And she puts a great deal of effort into her posts, with pictures and links, much more than I do when I just bash something out. The problem though with wearing your heart on your sleeve is that you can mistakenly assume that others will do the same also. Where as this is not the case, most particularly on the internet and even more so with a video game that is played by a lot of pre-pubescent boys. So somebody finally said something on her blog that she couldn’t handle anymore. And for that I am truly sorry. I will miss you Crankyhealer. But please keep commenting on mine and other peoples blogs. And if you wake up in a few days and feel that you’ve made a mistake, then start it up again, even if you feel stupid doing it. I will stick by you.

But Cranky, you’re not alone in feeling stupid and getting heat about something that you blog. My rogue dps for dummies part 1 post gets linked in a lot of places around the net. I got a lot of grief for that when I put it up, and even worse it was my own fault as I hadn’t done enough research on what I was writing. my post was all over the place and I got called out for it, as you can see by the comments. And even though the commenter didn’t do it in a nice way, he was right. And I corrected my post. And I tried to learn from my mistake. The internet is not a forgiving place. If you put something out there, particularly technical information, and you’re not accurate, then you are going to get creamed. Which is why I have a great deal of respect for bloggers who write a lot of technical analysis. I don’t do it very much. I’m just too worried about making a big boo boo.

An even bigger example of this is when Gordon at We Fly Spitfires made a guest post at World of Matticus. I wrote about this here. The point is that Gordon was wrong and got called out on it in a big way. My calling out was done in my usual hold-no-punches manner. But the method in which Gordon stood up to all the flak and accepted that he may have been incorrect and took all the heat in a good natured way really gave him a great deal of respect in my eyes. Read his comment on my thread there. It’s very classy stuff.

When we blog we put ourselves up for ridicule. But we also put ourselves in a position where we can learn a great deal about life. I hope that you reconsider this decision, Cranky.