I’ve been mulling this over for a few days, turning it over in the back of my pea-sized intellect. I avoided posting it because I thought that maybe it would be better for all concerned if the huge blogging drama due to Crankyhealer deleting her blog over Anna’s post would just slip quietly away. But I think that there are things to be said. It can be difficult to comment on these types of things because so much has been written, both on blogs and in comments, that you can easily fall into the trap of writing inaccurate information. And I may well fall into this trap here, and if I do, I apologise.

The thing is, in everyday life we always have two decisions for anything that we do – yes and no. Shall I do this? Yes or no. The ability to decide, the freedom to decide if you will, is what gives each of us our personal power. People in say North Korea for example, do not have this ability. But with decision making comes responsibility for our decisions and subsequent actions. When I originally posted about Cranky leaving a few days ago I kept my post deliberately vague as I did not have all the information at hand and I knew it. Now that I have some more information I feel better able to give my own opinion on this.

Cranky wrote a post that, when I originally read it, I thought that it was a little bit risquè. And Anna called her on it. But those commentators attacking Anna for her actions because of the consequence of Cranky deleting her blog fail to realise that Anna did not delete that blog. Cranky did. She has her own personal power, she has complete freedom to decide yes or no, and she decided. It has nothing to do with Anna. To say otherwise would infer that Cranky was powerless. Which is not the case.

I myself have called out other bloggers in the past, and I don’t mince words when I do it. I respect a blogger who has the guts to call someone out, but I respect even more a blogger who picks themselves up when shown to be wrong and tries to do better the next time. And I do not agree at all that a bigger blogger has a responsibility to treat smaller blogs with kid gloves. I will give each and every new blog the same treatment that I would afford an established blog. This is treating them with respect. This is working to create a level playing field. If you step into the playground then you must accept the reality of the playground. The reality is that some people have been there for a lot longer. If a new blogger chooses to write something on their blog then that is their decision and they should stand by the consequences of what they have written. Not pick up their toys and flounce off home.