I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps I just suck big fat donkey balls as a rogue. It could be possible. I mean, a lot of us live lives of delusion, why should I be any different? Here’s what I remember from levelling my rogue all those years ago – don’t take on too many mobs, particularly at lower levels. Lets say, around level 25 or so. What abilities has a combat rogue got? You can Sap, you can Distract, you can do not fucking much really. You can sneak around, hit a guy on the head. But get toe to toe with a bunch of mobs, say more than two, and you are seriously up shit creek without a paddle. And with nothing to drink probably.

I was thinking this because I’ve been watching my mate Mark play his shaman that he rolled on SAN. Mark lives in Australia but comes over every year to take advantage of the fact that I live in the Italian Alps in front of a ski resort. He says that he comes to hang out with me, I know better. Anyway, he rolled a restoration shaman at the same time as I rolled my protection warrior, and we’ve been buddying it up through instances and group quests and just generally hanging out in WoW whilst drinking a combination of Hendricks gin and tonic, excellent Italian wine, some semi-decent beer and a damn good cognac that he brought over. Oh and cuban mini cigars, it’s been fun. And I’ve been watching him sometimes play this shaman. Today I was watching him when he took on 6, count them 6 level 28 mobs at the same time. He was level 25. He has an ability that gives him back mana when mobs hit him. Then he puts up a totem that heals him and a totem that fires flames at the mobs and a totem that brings him a fucking coffee, I don’t know, and he wears the mobs down through sheer perserverance. And then after he took out all those mobs he calmly went over and took down the level 30 elite that was the subject of his quest. By himself.

You just can’t do this on a rogue at a similar level, or at least I can’t do this. So maybe I am the suckiness. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to ‘The Noisy Guy who Plays WoW like a Cockhead’ or something. Are there rogues out there at level 25 that can take on 6 level 28 mobs at the same time? Please tell me if you can and then go and get stuffed because I hate you. I mean, at least after you tell me how you do it because I never could. I remeber levelling a rogue as being … challenging. Challenging in the sense of, jesus christ is this ever going to end? It’s a long hard slog as a rogue, well at least it was back in the day. Perhaps it’s easier now, is it easier now? I don’t want to go and level another rogue, I have a rogue, why would I want to do that again? In fact, why would anyone reroll a toon of a class that they already played to level 80? Why would you do that? Over at Kurns Corner she has a post up about Christian Chase responding to her investigative digging of a few weeks back. In his response he writes that he has had 4 rogues and 3 paladins over the years since vanilla WoW. I mean, I just don’t get that. I don’t get that at all. You levelled a rogue and then you levelled another three. What, you didn’t like their hair? Can someone please explain this to me? Why wouldn’t you try something different like for instance a fucking shaman that can take on a freaking football team at the same time and give them all a run for their money. In a purely platonic sense of course.

I’m enjoying my warrior, my mage was a breeze to level, but thinking back on a rogue, it was hard. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see many rogues around the place. On SAN, rogues are the least represented class and we have over 120 unique accounts and something like 230 toons. I think there are about 6 rogues, that’s it. Hardest class in the game? You tell me.