Windsoar over at Jaded Alt has had a project going where she gives other bloggers something to muse up. I got in on the act due to the fact that I’ll give just about anything a try once, so I stuck my hand up and she kindly gave me my muse:

“/cast Muse
Give those new rogues (new to leveling or end-game) 10 tips for not sucking. Seriously. Anything. I don’t know what it is lately, but the rogues have been bad–they used to be the smart one!”

It’s a good one for me except for the fact that there is one small problem – I’ve already done it. Only so many things out there to rant about I suppose.

Still, you have to wonder why us rogues are the bane of our own existence. I know it’s a hard class to play well but that’s the whole point. If you play a rogue you’re doing it for the challenge, to say to others, “Look at me! You won’t catch me playing a fucking paladin!” But in order to actually pull this off you have to be able to play the class well. And not just at end game. So I’m going to supply some links here for all you wanna-be rogues out there on stuff which I think might helkp you a bit. Most of these links have not been written by me. Why write it if someone else has done it in a perfectly acceptable manner already? (In other words, I couldn’t do it as well as them.)

Let me introduce you to Sam at Slice & Dice. This boy know what he’s talking about. Here are some of his posts which you fail rogues need to check out. Firstly, lets assume that you are a nooby rogue. You need to know the basics. Luckilly for you, Sam has writeen about the basics.

Basic Rogue Mechanics Stuff.

Levelling as Combat. Porbably the best way to go.

Levelling as Assassination. Quite doable.

Levelling as Subtlety. Good luck with that.

If you have clicked on these you will also notice over at Sam’s blog his Essential Post list. This includes how to do heroic dps, gearing your rogue and other awesome goodness. Check them all out.

I myself came up with some guides on how to dps some months ago. Some people liked them, they get lots of link love around the interents, while some people hate them and think that I am a big poo-poo for having written them. Which is quite possibly true, but here they are in all their glory.

Dps for Dummies part 1

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

In those posts I have links to other blogs, mostly to the excellent One Rogues Journey, which I have just discovered is not working any longer. Major bummer. He had some great gearing guides. Oh well.

So there you have it. Also, you sucky rogues, a lot of my readers are excellent rogues, so I’m asking my readers if they have any links that they like to please throw them in the comments so our sucky backstabbing bretheren can stop sucking.

ps, sorry for the three days away but I have been in Venice, which I have to say would be a mighty fine city to be a rogue.