Yesterday I purchased the dual spec ability for my rogue, (probably a brave but foolish decision considering the state of the realm economy), and promptly plugged in this spec. This is the best PvP combat sword bastardisation spec that I was able to find. I then went and got the Sinister Strike, Cloak of Shadows and Killing Spree glyphs. I had to hunt down an inscriptionist to get the killing spree one done, but eventually I found a kind soul who made it for me, (the one advantage to being on a realm with next to nobody is that everybody is eager to be your friend when they find out that you have 450 jewelcrafting and 440 enchanting under your belt). I’m using a combat spec for pvp because at present I still haven’t found another decent dagger. So my pvp plan is mostly to use a rush down attack with burst damage supplied from killing spree, coupled with crippling and deadly poison. I also handed in all my badges that I had stored up, which gave me over 30,000 honor.

By the way, could Blizzard have made this any more difficult to hand in? You can only purchase 10 at a time and they have a 2 second cooldown? Do they have any idea how long this took me to do? It wasted years of my life, or at least it seemed like years. I could have been doing other stuff with my time, like wondering how the hell to win Arathi Basin. Anyway, I ended up with over 50,000 honor so I purchased a nice new chest to match the legs which I already had. Then I threw some resiliance and stamina epic gems in there which I made myself and some resiliance enchants and I was good to go.

I had to run a couple of battlegrounds to get a few thousand honor to get the chest. The difference after having the chest was noticeable. The difference with the new spec was even more noticeable still. The new random battleground finder is a very nice feature. You don’t have to bother finding a dude to give you a quest, and if you actually win then there is some nice honor there. Mind you, the winning bit can be a bit tricky. It took me 7 tries to win one. Why, oh why did I roll Alliance? Finally we won an Arathi Basin by the skin of our teeth. My new battleground strategy is to just stay away from paladins unless I have a few players at my side. All the other classes are manageable, with warlocks being the easiest to take down. Other rogues are of course a problem, mostly due to the fact that they are specced assasination or something and manage to see me before I can see them, then they can get the jump on me and lock me down. Mind you, I won a few times against rogues when I blew them away with Killing Spree when they were at half health and thinking that they were fine. I haven’t seen another combat rogue in a battleground yet, so I’m enjoying being one of a kind.

You can quickly farm a good deal of honor with the new honor points system in battlegrounds. An hour of play got me almost 20,000 honor, almost half of what I need for some nice new gloves. You also get arena points for winning your first LFG battleground, so I could conceivably use these to get some better weapons. All in all I’m enjoying the pvp play which I haven’t partaken in for a good few years. I’m still very rusty, (oh I can use disarm on a warrior? Gee, I’d forgotten about that. And what does this Blind button do again? Hint to self – don’t hit blind after you’ve ruptured your opponent.)

The only frustrating thing for me is ganking the horde. I can’t find them. I fly around Northrend, I go to the daily quest places, to the good places to farm nodes, to flight points, you name it and the best I’ve done was springing two level 70 and a level 77 player in the Borean Tundra. So where are they all? Is there some super secret horde hiding spot in Northrend which I don’t know about? Tell me you bastards!