March 2010

With the transfer of my rogue to Magtharidon for the Inglorious Gankers project, (of which I am still not an official member of the guild, in fact I am not in the guild at all due to the level 80 restrictions in place at present), I have been getting back into the world of battlegrounds which I have not frequented since the days of Burning Crusade. Back then I didn’t know much, which is why I went in as a combat rogue. Now I know a lot more, which is why I’m going in as a combat rogue. You see, combat rogues are probably the weakest of the three rogue specs for doing PvP, as rogues rely on being sneaky for PvP and combat ones are just not that sneaky at all. We don’t do backstab, we don’t dance around the shadows or whatever the hell it’s called, we just run up and start hitting you. Like a warrior, I suppose.

But the thing is that my weapons are forcing me to stay combat. I only have a single dagger, the Black Knights Rondel, and it is kind of hard to find new ones on this server. The highest level dagger in the AH is usually around level 30, and you try getting a raid together on this server – you’ll be lonlier than the school nerd at lunch time. And I’m guildless, so no help there at the moment. On that subject, I thought that being a level 80 rogue who is reasonably geared on a server devoid of players, (typically on a Saturday night you can find about 40 level 80’s online), would have meant that I would have been bombarded with requests to join what guilds there were. Yet I haven’t received a single request to join any guild. Even when standing around Dalaran with my head up my arse trying to look like the hot female night elfie that I am. This server must really be dead when a hot night elf rogue doesn’t get asked out to the party.

So I have loads of swords and maces and fist weapons and stuff, so I’m staying combat for the moment. At least I know how to play a combat rogue. This is what you do when you’re a combat rogue in a battleground:

Before the start timer ticks down to zero, make friends with a paladin. It’s that simple. I whisper this message to a paladin:

“Do you want to team up with me in a purely platonic way in order to kill people and not die?”

I have this macroed by the way. They usually answer in the affermative due to my night elf hotness as they incorrectly assume that the person playing the toon looks like the toon and might think that they themselves look hawt. Then we proceed to go out into the battleground. My favorite battleground to do with this little duo is Eye of the Storm. Eye is realtively simple to cover like this: take one of the towers and keep it. The paladin stands in the doorway, thus looking like some doof head standing around by himself waiting to die. I am stealthed on the path up to him. In Eye you can see anyone coming from bloody miles away. I let them pass me then attack them from behind whilst my paladin buddy keeps me up. If you’re going to be a combat rogue in this situation I have only one word for you:

Killing Spree.

If you hit this at the right moment, you have won. Hit Blade Flurry, Adrenaelin Rush and Evasion all at the same time and you can take down a couple of opponents, particularly if they are clothies. It’s not subtle, which is what rogues are all about, but it’s working and I’m stacking up the honor to get some good PvP gear. At present I only have the pants. I have noticed however, that my burst damage seems to be down in comparison with when I played these in BC. I assume that this is due to all the resiliance and stamina gear that is now out there, of which as noted I have bugger all.

On the auction house front on this server I’m doing quite well disenchanting mid-level items and selling the mats. Vision, illusion and dream dust are all particularly good sellers for some reason. I haven’t been able to enact my ganking of the fishing competitions yet as I have been damn busy for the last few weekends. Hopefully I will have some luck in the next couple of days.


Or maybe they just made her sad. It’s made me sad that’s for sure. Last night I jumped on the SAN guild for 10 minutes to check some AH stuff and someone mentioned in chat that the crankyhealer blog was down, (the link is on my side bar). Yesterday Cranky got linked to by so I immediately volunteered this as a reason for it’s non operational status. But then I was informed that she had deleted all of her blog apart from the linked-to article and a goodbye note. She had also diasbled comments.

So I went to check things out for myself. And it is true. She has opted out due to not being able to put up with the comments. I always liked Cranky’s blog. She wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s enthusiastic, generous and amusing. And she puts a great deal of effort into her posts, with pictures and links, much more than I do when I just bash something out. The problem though with wearing your heart on your sleeve is that you can mistakenly assume that others will do the same also. Where as this is not the case, most particularly on the internet and even more so with a video game that is played by a lot of pre-pubescent boys. So somebody finally said something on her blog that she couldn’t handle anymore. And for that I am truly sorry. I will miss you Crankyhealer. But please keep commenting on mine and other peoples blogs. And if you wake up in a few days and feel that you’ve made a mistake, then start it up again, even if you feel stupid doing it. I will stick by you.

But Cranky, you’re not alone in feeling stupid and getting heat about something that you blog. My rogue dps for dummies part 1 post gets linked in a lot of places around the net. I got a lot of grief for that when I put it up, and even worse it was my own fault as I hadn’t done enough research on what I was writing. my post was all over the place and I got called out for it, as you can see by the comments. And even though the commenter didn’t do it in a nice way, he was right. And I corrected my post. And I tried to learn from my mistake. The internet is not a forgiving place. If you put something out there, particularly technical information, and you’re not accurate, then you are going to get creamed. Which is why I have a great deal of respect for bloggers who write a lot of technical analysis. I don’t do it very much. I’m just too worried about making a big boo boo.

An even bigger example of this is when Gordon at We Fly Spitfires made a guest post at World of Matticus. I wrote about this here. The point is that Gordon was wrong and got called out on it in a big way. My calling out was done in my usual hold-no-punches manner. But the method in which Gordon stood up to all the flak and accepted that he may have been incorrect and took all the heat in a good natured way really gave him a great deal of respect in my eyes. Read his comment on my thread there. It’s very classy stuff.

When we blog we put ourselves up for ridicule. But we also put ourselves in a position where we can learn a great deal about life. I hope that you reconsider this decision, Cranky.

Over at Troll Racials are overpowered, Klepsacovic came up with whiny post day, which is essentially to post something where you whine and others disagree with your whining. So I get to be Gohsotcrawler for a day! Or Adam Holisky for that matter. Thank god for this because I have been literally trolling around on the internets for the last half hour in an attempt to find anything to blog about. Something funny – nothing. Interesting? – nada. I checked all the usual suspects of whom I could read something stupid and then make fun of them – – and I still couldn’t find anything. Man, it must be a slow post day today I thought. And then I remebered that today was whiny post day and all my chickens have been saved!

Something to whine about … hmmm … lets see. Other bloggers will be doing this as well so it has to be good as I will be compared to them and if I don’t measure up to scratch then I will be the laughing stock of the blogosphere. So I probably can’t whine about my dog who chose last night to run off in willfull disobiedance for the first ever time and is now in a state of fucking DISGRACE and he better not make a peep for the whole day. But that wouldn’t interest you guys that much. This is ridiculous. I am the king of the whiners and on whiny post day when everyone is whining I can’t find anything to whine about! Am I so happy? Is my life so fantastic that I walk around with some sort of blissful new-age dopey smile on my fat buttery face whilst people around me are being struck by asteroids?? Why can’t I whine about my new guild, Single Abstract Noun, which is rapidly becoming my spot of choice? Hey you new guildies, you’re all so pathetic, you do stuff like be nice to me all the time and you immediately come on 5 mans with me and you put up with my tanking and none of you made fun of me yesterday when in guild chat I actually asked if they were any tailors online so somebody could make me some fine thread because I’m levelling blacksmithing, (fuck knows why), and apparently you need fine thread in order to hammer out huge clunky pieces of mail armor, and then nobody answered, even though there had been rolls of guild chat uninterrupted for fucking hours and now there was a pause as if somebody making a speech at a wedding had just said that he had once fucked the bride but she was a dead root, until someone whispered me that you buy fine thread at vendors, and then I whispered back a thank you and then I thought a little bit and also whispered that I must seem like a little bit of a noob eh? hahaha, and they replied, yes, and then my whole world collapsed around me as it struck me that this is a bloggers guild for fucks sake and bloggers can’t be noobs, we must be know-it-alls who know everything about everything, and I could only just imagine all the snikerings going on behind the computers you bunch of fucking bastards but it’s okay because thank god it’s whiny post day today and everyone will have forgotten about it.

I went snowboarding yesterday. It was great because we spent most of our time off piste. The snow was good powder and we were able to find a few good virgin runs a little back in the woods and do them over and over. On piste itself was not so great. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people ski like they drive – in a bubble-world all of their own. They are the only ones who exist as they are the only ones who are important. This is all well and good if your hobbies are knitting or vomiting, but not so much when they effect other people. So you have people being dangerous on piste, not by going too fast, but by not taking anyone else into consideration. Which, in pusuits such as skiing or driving a car can have some nasty consequences. And if you attempt to say anything? Good luck with that – you’re a dickhead and a trouble maker. So I’ll board off piste thank you very much. I’m still working on an alternative for the driving.

There are two posts this week on blogs that reflect this in different ways. Sam has a post on Slice & Dice about how being late for a raid can throw everything out to the extent that the raid doesn’t function properly. People lose their focus as a result of having to wait around for 30 minutes behind the screen twiddling their thumbs. This was a big problem for me when I was a raid leader and organising raids. You would have the good raiders who were on time, (which meant 15 minutes before the start time), week after week. I set myself a goal of always going into the raid on time. We managed to do it for three weeks, after that it was lost.

Jakkru has a post up on Slash two about finally reaching the breaking point with regards to smokers taking constant breaks during a raid to satisfy their habit. I will admit that I enjoy the occasional cigarette, it is a pleasure for me, not a vice. And sometimes I also enjoy it during a raid. That is while we are raiding. I am sitting at the computer, playing my toon, and having a quiet smoke at the same time. I don’t expect others to stop and wait for me though. And if you’re not able to smoke inside, well that’s your problem. Why should it be mine?

In all of these examples the common problem is of people not considering others. If a few of us make the effort to be on time and ready to go, why can you not also award us the same courtesy? Our time is precious, for all of us. If we all agree to take time to do a raid then that is what we are doing. Smoking, if it takes time away from what I committed to do, is not a part of that. I committed to raid, so I will be on time, ready to go and with drinks and other things already arranged so as to not inconvenience others. Then we can all start and focus on what we are doing. You don’t turn up to work 30 seconds before you start. You come in a little earlier, have a chat to others, grab a coffee, find out what is going on, so by the time that you’re supposed to start you’re ready to go.

Of course things happen, real life can intrude sometimes, as it did to Sam. But to expect people to always wait for you, whether it be because you couldn’t be bothered to turn up on time or that you want to go outside and have a smoke, means that you need to retake that beginners course in human relationships 101.

I got a comment on my “Do noobs have more fun?” post on Saturday that was a bit weird. It went straight to my spam box where I have the possibility of approving it or not. I tend to approve almost all comments as I’ll take what I can get, obviously, but if I did approve this one then he would be able to comment automatically on my blog in the future. Which, considering the comment, does not fill me with oceans of joy. But anyway, I thought the comment warrented posting just because I can’t figure out what he’s talking about. Lets have a look at it, shall we?

“You were undergeared, hadn’t read all 187 pages at the warrior EJ forum, hadn’t learnt the ladder progression steps for your class, used the improper rotation for your level, and had to leave mid-run? And you felt proud because, hey, you “didn’t die”?

Fucking FAIL. Excuse me while I go to the Blizzard forums and various blogs and DENOUNCE players like you.

You’re probably lying, anyway. Read Gevlon’s blog. If you had done anything you said, you would have wiped many times, blamed everyone else, and gotten kicked anyway. DO NOT DISAGREE WITH GEVLON. HE IS GEVLON. YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS OF HIS WEALTH, AREN’T YOU?”

Can anyone else figure this out? At least trolls used to make sense. I can’t figure out for the life of me what the fuck he’s going on about. Any troll translation help would be most appreciated.

The last part about Gevlon is interesting in the sense of just how much he has permeated the blogging sphere in the last six months. Love him or hate him you will have an opinion on him. His name is on the way to becoming a term in itself. And when internet trolls routinely use you to make their, ‘point’, then you know that you’ve arrived big time. So well done there, Gevlon. I know you will be proud.

Not much to report from me. I could hardly get onto WoW at all due to real life commitments. Hopefully this week will be better, though I did take 30 minutes out to tank my first ever full instance run in Ragefire Chasm. We got the three bosses down, one wipe, (we were levels 11-15 with most of us on the low side). Larisa healed us for the first part then she had to go raiding and we swapped roles around and brought in a level 11 mage from the SAN guild. He did great and made a nice comment:

“I haven’t had this much fun in raiding for ages.”


The other night I had my first tanking experience on my groovy tauran warrior, BigKahuna. I am level 12. I figured that this was enough to go and tank Ragefire Chasm. We got together a group in the Single Abstract Noun, (SAN) guild. We had two warlocks, both level 12, another warrior, again level 12, myself, and a druid who was level 15. In we went. It was very strange going in as the tank. For all my WoW life I have been DPS, (although on one occasion I did heal a Stockades run). So to find myself going first with all the party dots behind me was unique. And quite scary. Oh, and all my gear was white, not even one green. I used thuderclap a lot, and shield bash, and erm, well that was it really because I hadn’t done my warrior quest at level 10 to get defensive stance, taunt and something else. I hadn’t done it because the quest just told me to go out to the Barrens and have a chat to someone or other. I figured that this was one of those change zone quests which point you in the next direction, but I was having fun in Mulgore so I hadn’t gone. I looked it up on wowhead after and sure enough, that is the warrior quest which gets you all the taunting goodness. Fail me.

So back to the run. I am happy to say that we didn’t wipe, not even one death. Although that may have had something to do with the fact that we didn’t make it to the first boss. One of the warlocks had to go and join his main raid group and then I realised that it was well beyond dinner time and my wife and dog were giving me ‘the look’, so I had to go as well. We had cleared quite a bit though and it had been a lot of fun.

So now I have to go and get my warrior quest done. But this got me thinking – if I hadn’t looked that up on wowhead, if I hadn’t known beforehand that I was missing a stance and some abilities, hell if I hadn’t even known what a stance was and what it did, then I wouldn’t have done that quest and core tanking abilities would have been lost to me. And if I was a new player there would be a very good chance in fact that this would be the case. I would just progress along, having fun, trying to kill stuff, and the first time I went into a 5 man with a group I would be ridiculed for being super-number-1-noob-of-the-world. And after a bit of this I suppose that I would just begin replying, ‘retard’, and before I knew it I would be a super-noob for reals!

Yet perhaps ignorance is bliss. At the end of the day all the noobs running around with 0/0/71 talent trees and no enchants or gems or the wrong gear or what have you, they’re all doing it their way. They’re having fun. They don’t get mad at other players for not having this or not having that. They’re just playing a game. Sure, I’m different from them. Anything I do I want to find out everything that I can and do it to the best of my ability, that gives me pleasure. But their way gives them pleasure as well. After all, it is just a game. And I am the one being annoyed by them, not the other way around. Perhaps noobs really do have more fun.

Larisa has a very interesting post up about the state of raiding in WoW. She links to an excellent post on Tankspot which talks about the lack of surprises in the game amongst many other things. Larisa writes about how much she enjoyed the Opera event in Karazhan – the randomness of the event meant that you could never fully prepare, there was always a twist at the end out of your control, ie which of the three bosses would it be? Due to all the information online we’re often going in completely prepared. Which means that our own level of discovery is cheapened as a result.

Larisa then mentions Violet Hold in the same example as having a random set of bosses that come out. But this is where I think that these two examples are completely different – to me there is nothing to distinguish between the bosses in Violet Hold. I couldn’t even tell you what they are and I have done it countless times. I don’t know what their abilities are. I just run up and DPS them down. They could be flying strawberries for all I know. But the Opera event, well, that I can tell you about. Why? Because I can relate to it. It has a background that I am familiar with. Little Red riding hood or the Wizard of Oz, we know these, so they mean something. And the fights are truly interesting. You have to think in there. I don’t have to think in the Violet Hold. I just have to wait for the tank to run in. If you don’t have to think then you won’t be surprised.

I still think that Karazhan is one of the best examples of a raid in WoW. The reason is not only becasue of the dynamic and interesting fights, the sense of discovery, the sheer attention to detail, the very careful pulling of trash mobs that was required, the quest series with ongoing rewards, the fact that you had to use crowd control. It was that the whole place made sense and you could relate to it. I cannot comment truly on Tankspots post in regards to ICC due to the fact that I haven’t stepped foot in ICC. Leaving all the projects that I am doing aside, it just doesn’t interest me. I can see it being like everything else in Northrend. Designed to be consumed quickly, (apart from Naxx of course but that came from vanilla.) Am I wrong? Is ICC worth the time? And are you ever surprised in there?

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