Yesterday Gevlon made a comment on my post regarding a macro to use when you zone into Warsong Gulch. It is /bg defend the flag or capture the flag.

This nicely sums up what I always try to write in chat in these situations. Up to now these have been my attempts, more or less when zoning into battlegrounds.

Warsong Gulch:

“Ok, I’m going to defend the flag, Xpaladin would be great if you could help me. Xdruid if you want to make a team and go for their flag it would be great.”


“Or you could all just ignore me I suppose.”

Game starts, everyone runs off to fight in the middle of the field leaving me alone.


Arathi Basin.

“Group 1 go stables, Group 2 go LM, Group 3 go MN.”
“Let the horde have BS, they always want it.”
“Please forget Farm.”
“Stay in your area and defend once you have it.”

This sometimes works. I actually believe that it is much better strategy to take the Blacksmith as from there you can more easily control the entire battleground but Alliance either never listen to me or don’t understand the reason why it is an advantage, which negates the advantage.

Alterac Valley.

I never say anything. Either we’ll win it or we won’t.

Eye of the Storm.

“Ignore the flag, take and hold three tower points and we will win.”

If I get a good response I assign a tower for each of the three groups. I almost never get a good response and they all go for the flag. Another thing that I do here and in Arathi Basin is to link in chat the Alliance/horde wins in 13.35 whenever it significantly changes. This can be a good motivator for people to start listening as they see that their actions are having an effect on victory or defeat.

Strand of the Ancients.

I never say anything here either at the beginning. When we are the attacker I instruct everyone to grab a seige engine once we are going for the yellow gate. This works really, really well when they listen. Last night there was a hilarious situation. I grabbed a seige engine early and ran it through three different gates, count them three. So I broke down the yellow gate in record time and actually got a few fire bomb hits on the final gate before the horde woke up and destroyed it from under me, (which is where I love vanish). Then someone wrote in chat:

“I don’t believe it.”
“What?” asked someone else.
“We’re actually going to win.”

At that point I told everyone to go and grab a seige engine and yes, we would surely win. I ran back to get mine, drove it up and drove it past every single member of the Alliance team fighting the horde in front of the yellow gate. Needless to say, we lost.

Isle of Conquest.

I’ve only been in here once and never with the new LFG tool for battlegrounds, so I have no real idea of what to do let alone what to spam at the beginning. Anyway, if any of you have ideas for good macros to spam at the begining of these BG’s, your comments are most welcome.

Happy Easter to those of you who believe in that stuff.