As always I hate holiday events with a passion bording on rapid hate mongering, (here is my post from last year about this holiday for those that missed it), but this holiday event allowed new and wonderous opportunities to gank the horde. It all started on Sunday morning when I logged on and found almost nobody online. It was eerie. What, where they all in church or something? Damn religious mongerers on an Easter Sunday of all days. Anyway, I did an online search for who was around and it came up with a grand total of 24 players. Most of whom were in a starting zone, such as Goldshire. Which was when it finally clicked that this was the start of Noblegarden. I imagine that this holiday event is quite easy to complete on our realm due to there being nobody there. I did a little test just to see. I went to Goldshire, ran around picked up eggs all by myself. Nobody. Just me. I have heard the stories of players fighting over eggs, of egg campers, of all things egg. Trust me, on our realm it’s piss easy.

Anyhoo, I figured that this would be a good time to do the ganking thing, so off I went to Mulgore. I turned up at the starting village there, Bloodhoof or something, and the only level 80 horde I saw was a priest. Gank! And then she came back and I got her again. Then I went into stealth mode because I was sure that she was going to call in her buddies. Nope. Nobody. Just some level 20-40 horde. So I killed all of them. And then the priest came back, so I called her again also. It was all too easy. I got bored. So I went and did some battlegrounds and then came back and now there were more horde. There were 2 druids, a warrior, a paladin, the same priest, and 3 shamans. No rogues or mages though, whew. So I picked off a druid near the boat on the edge of the lake. Now for sure I was gonna get it. Nothing. They just went about their business as if some poor druid had never got ganked in their midst. So I ganked the priest again. Still nobody came after me.

And then it clicked. They were happy if someone was getting ganked, it meant more eggs for them.

So I started to steal their eggs. Now that stirred up a hornets nest. Kill the horde all you want, kill their young newbie members, wipe their villages off the face of the map. But don’t touch their eggs. Or you’ll be in trouble.

Some people have their priorities all wrong.