[XxDruidxX]: Arena?

This was the whisper that I received while in Wintergrasp while I was scoping out places to hide before the battle, (we won, yey!) Now, normally when I get a whisper like this from an unknown, I usually blow it off. I whisper people that I don’t know with, “Hi, would you like to come and join my arena team and play a few battles?” or something similar. But the thing is that I don’t do Arena. I never have done so. And added to the fact that I am grinding my way to some decent PvP gear ever so slowly, this was an interesting proposal. So I swallowed my elitist jerk whisper mentality and responded:

[XxNoisyRoguexX]: I have never done Arena before.
[XxDruidxX]: That’s ok, we can try.

And a few more whispers to clarify and then I hearthed into Dalaran and met him in the arena in the sewers. I told him to inspect my pretty average gear, but he was desperate enough to accept me and in we went. I found out afterwards with some internet research that arena points are awarded once a week if your team does 10 matches and you compete in at least three of them. And his other two backups were nowhere to be found so I was it. He gave me an extremely quick crash course and then we got transported god knows where and in we stealthed. And there was nobody there. Which meant that we were up against a stealth team also. As luck would have it we were facing another druid/rogue combo. And we lost. Afterwards I noticed that me heart was racing and my palms were sweaty – it was like grade 9 with Debbie McTavish all over again! But this time with a computer.

We played nine more matches and we lost every one. I sucked big time. But on four of those occasions we managed to get one of the other team down before we were destroyed into little tiny pieces. One of these was a warrior/priest combo. I sapped the priest and kept him that way, then we took out the warrior, and I was sure that we were going to win … Nope. That priest got us both. Oh well. So we got to the end and we finished up the games and talked strategy for a bit. And I am now his new arena partner, whoot. And then on Wednesday evening after logging in after maintanence I got the sweet daddy surprise. My arena points that I had painfully collected from running the daily random battleground and actually winning and lept from a measly 225 to over 500. So I got these.

Obviously playing arena matches as a combat rogue is not optimal, but I still have had no luck with getting a fast dagger. Or any other dagger for that matter. And there are no weapons on the Auction House to speak of. It is the bane of my existance. But now I have seen the PvP gear getting future and that future has Arena written all over it.