Gevlon has a post today where he predicts some doom and gloom as regards the future of roles in raids, ie tank/healer/dps. What follows is a long line of comments, a lot of which refer to how dps already sucks, will suck or how they suck the most.

As a rogue from day 1 of when I begna playing this game, I have to say that I’m getting tired of this. I’m going to quote one of the comments from that thread here:

“…I pug raids, as in 100% of my raiding is pugging.

DPS comes on a scale from truly atrocious to decent. A couple of times every month I see good DPS, and by good I mean touching the 10k dps single target.

I see 2k dps on our way clearing to Marrow 25-man, and just trust me, 2k dps there is way, way, way worse than 900 dps in a five-man heroic.

I see “I’ll AFK this, call me when we’re at boss.” -DPS.

I see 8k dps refusing to move from goo on floor because “it would lower my dps.”…”

So here is the catch-22: on the one hand good dps are those hitting really high figures, such as the 10k single target one quoted here. On the other hand he disparages dps for not standing out of the goo because the dps thinks that it would lower his dps. How can this person not see that the one is connected to the other? If the only way that you quantify a good dps is by how much damage they do, why on earth are you surprised when their whole focus becomes locked on the dps chart? The dps is probably looking at his health, calculating the chance of dying versus the chance of being healed versus how much dps he will lose by backing off. And he decides not to move as he doesn’t want his dps to go down.

What about backing off because the tank hasn’t got very good threat? A good dps player will recognise and do just that, thus ensuring that he loses dps on the boss. The group gets the boss down, and then the dps is called out on his relatively average dps? After saving the tank? This has happened to me more than once. Or for using my interrupts. Or for saving a healer from getting taken down by an add. The list goes on and on. It starts to wear you down. You play your class to the best of your ability, you utilise all the tricks at your disposal, but still the only difference between you and drooling retard is the amount of dps that you do. And if drooling retard stands in the goo and gets through it and does higher dps than you, then he is a better dps.

Dps have been steadily pushed into this corner where the only thing that matters is the numbers that you put out. That is what makes a good dps, apparently. So don’t be surprised when the dps stand in the goo and then expects to be yanked out by a priest. Because you asked them to stand there.

update on my daggers: Last night I ran an heroic Forge of souls with a really lovely PuG, (you know it’s going to be nice when you zone in and the tank says, “A rogue! I haven’t seen one in a PuG for ages! Neat!”). Anyway, I got the Unsharpened Ice Razor, a rare random epic drop, and just the fast off hand that I needed. I also got Nightime, a very nice combat main hand. So it was a brilliant run. So this weekend I need to learn how to play mutilate. This should be interesting.

Also, the class changes for rogues come out today. I will take a good look at them and then post something up when I have formulated a clear opinion, which usually takes me a good three of four Hendricks and tonic.