It’s been a pee vee pee weekend, with battlegrounds, wintergrasp, worldwide ganking, and arena. I’ve finally been accepted into the Inglorious Gankers guild, and on Sunday we pulled together a 3v3 and 5v5 arena team. The 3v3 is made up of rogue/death knight/ret paladin. The paladin started off as holy but then dumped that as he didn’t have the gear and was getting murdered. Actually, none of us really have the gear but we won 2 matches out of 10, and towards the end it really felt like we were starting to gel. Like frozen gel in Siberia maybe, but you have to start somewhere. The 5v5 team had the three of us plus a druid and another death knight. This was grabbing all the level 80’s in guild, if some of you are questioning the strange set up. Yes, a ranged dps would be nice, we know. We won one match out of the ten, and we were surprised to win that. We kept meeting and being decimated by a german team. Ze Germans!! We hates them!! No, actually they were really nice while they killed us.

Anyway, I’ve been having to do some crash course in arena and I thought that I would share it with some of you rogues who are as nooby as me as regards to this whole pvp arena business. I’ve been doing the researches and this is what I’ve found out.

You need to play 10 matches a week, and that way you get the all important arena points which are awarded every Wednesday, or Tuesday night, I don’t really know. Only your best team counts, but the 5v5 is worth more than the others, which is why we got one of those going. Yey points whores! You also need a decent team rating to get the really good gear, but you won’t be anywhere near that so I won’t even worry about going into that. What about for rogues? OK, here is the basic stuff:

Hit Rating: As you equip more and more pvp gear you will notice that your hit rating drops alarmingly. Do not be afraid, this is okay. You need around 7-9% hit raiting to be cool and groovy in pvp. If you’re missing a bit you can equip some Pristine Ametrines to get you over there. Also the Titanium weapon chain is great for an off hand mutilate rogue and packs some hit also. 6% would be about the minimum though, from what I’m able to understand.

Resiliance: 900-950 is the sweet spot as far as a lot of good arena rogues are concerned. You can jump over 1000 but then you start to compromise other important stats such as attack power. My own is sitting on 640 right now but it’s slowly coming up. I always know when I come across an opponent who has low resiliance, because they die really freaking fast.

Poisons: We’re talking some sort of mutilate spec here I presume, (yes, I finally ditched combat when I found a fast dagger), so if you’re running 1.80/1.40 weapons you want wound on your main and deadly on your off. If you’re packing 1.80/1.80 you can switch those two around.

Gems: You want attack power and throw a nightmare tear in there for your meta requirements.

So what can you buy with these arena points without having a decent rating? Go to Xazi Smolderpipe in the Dalaran sewers, she’s got all your ratingless gear needs covered. The rogue gear is the level 251 relentless series, and if you win the daily random battleground every day for the 25 arena points, plus get your 10 matches in, you can probably pick up one of these a week.

Arena Junkies is dedicated to all things arena, while roguerogue on my sidebar there is the best rogue blog around dedicated to arena and pvp.

That’s all I can come up with for now, hope that this little bit helps.