Gevlon’s undergeared project is progressing along, but he needs more people. It only takes a few hours on Saturday night to raid, so if you have a level 80 toon sitting around that hasn’t done much raiding before, and you want to be involved in a creative group that is doing something different, I urge you to give it a try. Write Gevlon a quick email and ask him what classes or roles he really needs. I know from the intelligent comments on this blog that I have some readers who I would be very happy to have next to me in a raid, so give it a shot.

I can’t contribute to the project anymore unfortuately as from this Saturday I reopen my bar which has been closed all winter, (have to clean it today – the horror!) And anyway, for me and my time available in WoW I can only dedicate myself to one thing at a time, and I am really enjoying the PvP ganking project. Last night I got a whisper from a guildie who asked for my help in Nagrand at the Ring of Blood or trials or whatever the hell it’s called. So off I popped and there were three of them waiting for me. We began the encounter and were at the second last boss when we got ganked by two level 80 horde: a warlock and a shaman. I was in my PvE gear and my combat spec but I still managed to take them down, with some obviously help from the other 3 who were around level 65. We restarted the encounter and they came back again, and we took them out again, (they really sucked.) Then I decided to change to my PvP gear and PvP mutilate spec. They came back again and I noticed a substantial difference in my damage output. It was much lower. And I couldn’t get them down and they took us out. Then it became a game of corpse camping as they sat just out of reach of my sap on their mounts. Until we called in a level 80 shaman from the guild and got them down again. Until they came back with two of their friends, and, you get the idea. It went back and forth a bit. I felt for the poor level 65’s during this.

So I am not wondering why there is such a big difference with my specs and gear, I am wondering why it is the wrong way around. My PvP gear is higher level and has resiliance on it, but still they took me down faster with it on. And with my combat spec I blew them away with damage. The mutilate spec felt incredibly slow in comparison. I’m going to have to do some time on a dummy and figure out what is going on.