Blizzard today released the new purchasable flying mount and in-game pet, costing €20 and €10 respectively for us European peeps. I already posted at length when the previous two purchasable vanity pets were released, so I won’t reiterate what I wrote there. Except that now Blizzard are adding mounts to the mix. A lot of people before said that it was only pets, what was the big deal? And maybe they had a point. A bunch of us however, predicted that this would just be the beginning of in-game purchases, and now with the very next release we have moved on to flying mounts, (Ghostcrawler didn’t give you your pony: he sold it to you). Which is much more impressive than any mount you can get as an in-game reward for doing really hard stuff. Blizzard is saying that they’ll give you shinies for doing stuff in-game but they’ll give you even nicer shinies if you pay them. Funny, I thought that we were paying them.

Whatever. I am now here to say that I am happy about this development. Yep, you heard it right. I like this news, I approve of this development. But not only as I am able to identify idiots in-game more easily now, (it’s easy to see a mount over a pet. What would be awesome would be to see players on their mounts in the little Dalaran park where you can land with their new pets out as well. It would be like the village idiot meeting place). I approve of this because people buying these items are helping to keep the monthly price of the game at the same level. They are subsidising my game experience. They are saving me money.

Thank you village idiots. Now stay out of the battlegrounds.