I did a wintergrasp match on the weekend. I zoned in and the group leader immediately responded with, “Wow! There’s someone else!” Sure enough there were only the two of us for the Alliance in there, and it stayed that way. We had the debuff maxed out, so killing horde was as simple as looking in their general direction. Unfortunately for him, he was a warrior and could only really charge in blindly, taking a bunch of them down before he was overwhelmed with DoTs. It’s cool being a sneaky stabby rogue when you can two-shot your opposition though. I spent my time travelling around the map taking back workshops and graveyards. This had the effect of sending multitudes of horde scurrying over to where it was that I had attacked. If three or four showed up I would just kill them all. If more showed up I would pick them off one by one and then vanish. Have you ever had ten fully geared level 80’s that were scared of you? It’s a rush, man. Although we lost. Who would have thought?

Zoned in on the boat rushing into the Strand of the Ancients. There’s a player on the ships deck riding one of the new $25 shiny pony mounts. He’s jumping all around the deck. Look at me! Hurrah! I have a shiny pony! Jumpy, jumpy, jumpy. The boat pulls up to the dock and he jumpy jumpy jumps off and the horde descend on him like flies to honey. Whambamaroony! He didn’t pull that pony out again. We lost.

When the horde win a BG it’s like they steamroll it. So they win 1600 – 85 in Eye of the Storm or run in 3 flags in 5 minutes in Warsong Gulch. When we win a BG it’s a slow torturous crawl to the end, with your eyes glued to the timer counting down on the screen. Example; Warsong Gulch and amazingly we all agree on a plan while we’re buffing up in the flag room. We organise a group for defense and a group for attack. I am on defense. The horde come in with all of their players and manage to get our flag. We get theirs and it turns into the game of both flag carriers hiding above their respective flag rooms. After 10 minutes of this we somehow manage to get our flag back and we score. So it’s 1-0 for the Alliance.

Our druid goes and gets the flag again while we pile onto defense. Somehow they manage to get our flag again but we have theirs. Our flag carrier hides in bizarre places which I had never thought of hiding before. I stick to him like glue. We have to count down 15 minutes of this. The last 3 minutes seem like eternity. The horde do one last push to get our flag carrier and we fight them off in brazen fury as the screen comes up with our victory. I had to go and lie down after that one.

On the ganking project, my favorite ganking spot is the jewelcrafting daily. Yesterday you had to kill a Valkyrie, so everyone goes to that spot in the Storm Peaks with the yucky brown bubbly pool that proto-drakes bathe in. I killed the same warlock five times until he eventually gave up. Then a paladin arrived. I hate paladins because you have to kill them twice. But I’m getting better. I now know when to kick and interrupt his holy tree casting. There goes your bubble! Paladin is down. A pity that a warrior was flying in just at that time, charged and stunned me and took me down. So I rezzed and stealthed and waited for the two of them to go away. And then who shows up? The same warlock! Happy times, happy times.