I haven’t been into ICC yet, and I don’t know if I will ever poke my nose into it before the next expansion. Having your main on a realm with a population the size of a tiny island off the top of Greenland sure doesn’t help things in that matter. Which is why I laughed myself silly last night when I saw this message posted in trade chat while I was playing the auction house in Stormwind.

“LF1M healer for ICC, link achievement.”

I quickly checked to see how many people were online – 37 level 80 players. I suppose it’s nice of the player to post this, because any half-intelligent person can see that this is most probably going to be a fail run if they are this clueless. I’ve already written several times about the lunacy of wanting achievements linked, and to top it all off this player was looking for a healer, like they grow on fucking trees. Actually, this reminds me of a run I did the other week in Pit of Saron or something. It was my first time in there on heroic, and I hadn’t been in since the instance dropped in the patch last year. I ran all three the night they dropped with a highly geared PuG on normal and that was it. We ran the instance and I was doing fine on the meters, I think I was second if I remember correctly. We get to the last boss, I manage to stay out of the purple bits and we get her down and my achievement flashes up on the screen for the heroic run. And that’s when someone comments that if they had known that I didn’t have the achievement they would have kicked me. I see … that makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, I quickly replied in trade chat:

“That’s hilarious. You’re actually being picky on this server?”

His response: “We have standards,” or something similar, I can’t remember exactly and I forgot to get a screenshot, so shoot me.

Anyway, almost immediately there came a deluge of comments from players supporting … wait for it … my view. I was stunned. I had to check to see if they were from the ganking guild, but they weren’t. They were in the process of shaming the person when my battleground came up and I zoned out. I wonder if he’s still looking for a healer.

Again, last night and I see that someone is looking for a tank or healer last spot for VoA. I write in chat that I am astounded that we won Wintergrasp. We’ve been winning it a bit but in the last week or so I have never run it with me than 8 other players. This person responds in trade chat with:

“When radience wants to win it we do.”

Radience is the name of the biggest guild on our server, which makes them very proud. On any other server they would be a piece of shit guild that nobody ever took any notice of, but on our server they are a slightly average fish in a very small pond. I reply;

“As opposed to all the other times that you don’t want to win it and you lose.”

I get a smart-ass reply in response to my own smart-ass reply and before you know it we have another trade chat war, but this time it is everyone against me. I had no idea that this guild was held in such regard. It’s like the other players dream of being invited to this guild, which is hilarious as both times that I have gone into VoA on this server we have not suceeded in getting a single boss down and most of the players have been from, you guessed it, Radience. Maybe this explains why a good number of level 80’s on the realm are guildless. They’re hanging around in the hope that Radience will lower their already abysmal standards and allow them to enter.