I have been accused of being too negative and only writing about negative situations. True, I myself thought that these situations were amusing more than negative but I cannot blindly turn an eye to my readership and not take their feelings on this important matter into account. So today I will write a happy post about happy positive things in a happy WoW world.

It was with great joy that I sat down last night and typed my password, “123456789”, into my WoW account. My beautiful night elf rogue filled the screen and just the sight of her filled me with such happiness that I almost had to take a quick trip to the bathroom then and there. But I digress. I pressed the enter button and found myself on the deserted streets of Stormwind where I had left the day before. There was nobody but a lonely bank alt in the auction house, so I quickly hearthed to the more crowded streets of Dalaran.

Immediately I was surrounded by the colourful anctics of the multitude of players galavanting around me on their beautiful and shiny ponies. I wish that I could have a pretty shiny pony too but my wife wants to spend the money to feed our children. I would never stoop to beg my readership for one of these mounts but you don’t want the kids to go hungry now, do you? Today was a special wonderful day. Today was the day that they gave out arena points and I had enough for the ilvl 251 helm. I made my way down to the sewers to purchase it from the lovely goblin lady. I love the sewers below dalaran. They are so realistic in how sewers in a city floating a mile high in the sky really are. I wonder how the wonderful dev team where able to do that. They are really so very wonderful. I would so like to have a job with them it would be all the icing on my cake come at once.

Down in the sewers a few of the horde challenged me to a friendly duel, obviously due to the fact that they really respect my abilities and want to prove themselves against me. I had to gently refuse their somewhat persistant offers as I was set on acquiring my new helm. I clicked on the goblin lady and there it was! Such power that helm has! And then it was mine. I was so happy. So very, very happy. As happy as I could be. It is such a positve feeling when you get a new piece of gear that you have worked so hard for. I couldn’t imagine myself ever getting rid of it. This would be my new helm forever.

Later on I did a random daily dungeon and ended up in an instance which I had never even been in before. Just think about that! It was called Utgard Pinnacle. I kept my head down and did the best I could and then we finished it all together. It was a wonderful group. I didn’t get the frozen orb but that’s okay as I’m sure that I will get it next time. The other players were very well geared, they must raid the highest content. I am so happy for them that they can do that even though I don’t do it myself. It must be wonderful to be able to see those exciting fight mechanics.

Anyway, we finished and we were saying our goodbyes when I noticed that the other party members were talking amongst themselves in Italian. I speak Italian too! So I thanked them for the run in Italian, and they were like, Oh my God! and then I was like, Can I be your friend?! and they were like, Sure! and then I asked if we could run Forge of Souls because I needed the dagger and then they said sure! Wow, isn’t this world great? So we ran Forge of Souls and we got to the end and would you believe it, the dagger dropped!! And I said YeY!!!!! and then they said grats!!!!! and I thanked them all and promised to transfer to their realm and join their guild.

I got back to Dalaran and I was cleaning out my bags when I noticed that the dagger wasn’t there. So I went back through the chat log and that’s when I saw that the hunter had also rolled need on the dagger and that he had won! I hadn’t even noticed!! I must admit that I was a little, tiny winy bit annoyed at this but then I realised that he must have really, really, really needed it and I logged off happily at the end of a wonderful day of WoW.