I logged into WoW after a day spent behind people who couldn’t drive their finger up their own nose, let alone a car. I figured that a nice relaxing night playing WoW would sooth my shattered nerves and lend me some sort of peace after the day that I had spent. How fucking wrong that was.

I logged in and once again found myself in Dalaran surrounded by countless horde who seem to think that the only way to communicate in trade chat is to shout. Mix this in with the gold spammers and your screen becomes an endlessly flailing mess as it tries to keep pace with the syllables racing across it. Some twit rode up to me on his new shiny pony. He was a tauran. Do I have to say how fucking stupid this looked? Well, I will – it looked fucking ridiculous. I gave him the finger and he made coo-coo noises at me because obviously he is one of these really bright individuals who assume that the person sitting at the keyboard also looks like the hot night elf avatar facing him in-game.

I remembered that the arena points had come out today, so I scooted down to the sewers to get my helm. Like all rogue helms it looks like it was designed by a geriatric wombat who was suffering from renal failure. So the show helm option remains firmly in the off position. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that we had possession of wintergrasp in that moment so I sprinted over there to get the pvp head enchant. Then I went to Stormwind to grab an earthsiege diamond from the AH. Except, there weren’t any there. So I asked the alchemists in the guild if they could do a transmute yet. No, they couldn’t. What a fucking useless bunch of morons. I mean, why even have a trade skill if you’re not going to have it maxed by level 60? Sheesh.

So I stuck a 68 attack power gem in there and went and lost some battlegrounds. Yes, we lost. Why? Because Alliance sucks on this battlegroup? Why don’t I move? Because I like to have something to complain about, you bunch of fucking moron readers. Anyway, I decided to do the daily random heroic to boost my number of frost badges by 50%. It stuck me in a 5 man which I had never seen before. Turns out that it was Utgard Pinnacle. I never even knew it existed. So I zone in and my first thought was, where the fuck am I? My next thought was that I better keep my head down and look like I knew what I was doing. The group was okay and we proceeded through, although we did have one wipe. I worked out that you need to shoot the harpoons at the boss dude, (what is it and Blizzard with fucking harpoons in this expansion? Can they have any more of a hard on for them? I suppose the next expansion all we’ll be seeing is … well it’s supposedly underwater so I assume harpoons also. That’ll be fun.)

So I finish the run and my screen lights up with a million achievements including the northrend dungeon one, so much so that it seemed like I was spamming in guild chat. Man I wish there was a way to turn off achievements in guild chat. I would just about chew off my left nut for that, I can tell you.

So the group began to talk in Italian and I noticed that they were all from the same realm and guild. So I dropped a few Italian lines and they went apeshit with joy, as you would expect. So I asked them if they wouldn’t mind running Forge of Souls so I could have another crack at the dagger of the last boss and they said sure. So in we went.

And it dropped. You fucking beauty. I was overjoyed, I really was. All my bad day was forgotten in the moment that this came down. I hit need and thanked everyone as they all said grats in Italian, which is … grats. And I dropped the group. Back in Dalaran I’m cleaning out my bags of all the rubbish that I found on the run when I notice that … I can’t find the dagger. Now, this often happens to me. I have an item, I know it’s there, but I just can’t see it. It’s like the thing turns invisible for a moment, and usually at the most inopportune time. So I’m looking and looking and I can’t find it. And then I have a horrible thought. No, it couldn’t be true. Could it? After they all said grats to me? No way.

So I scroll back up through all the Dalaran chat log spam, and there it is. I can’t fucking believe it. The hunter rolled need as well and he won the roll. I hadn’t even noticed. Why? Because I was being nice to my new found “friends”. A hunter rolled need on a dagger that we had gone into the run especially to get for me. Well thank you very fucking much. And I logged off and kicked the dog.