The ganking guild is moving along quite nicely, with several people hitting 80 in the last week or so. With the dickhead factor being low and the general skill factor being high, it’s making for a nice overall playing experience. Which is not good for blog posts ranting about the epic failness of the players that you meet in game. You may have noticed the lack of ranting posts. Well, this is the reason. Nobody likes a rantless ranter.

But there is a little situation that I am finding difficult to work my way around. On a realm that is as deserted as Magtharidon, players with maxed professions are few and far between. I happen to be one of those sought after players, as I have both Enchanting and Jewelcrafting maxed out. So when the rare player writes in chat that they are looking for an enchanter/JC, it’s usually me who throws them a whisper. I don’t charge much for my services – usually around 20g for an enchant or cut. And people seem happy to pay it. But when it comes to my guildies I am in a slightly tricky position.

I’m going to come clean right now – in WoW, I am not a goblin. I’m not a social either. I just do my own thing. I always have gold as I don’t spend it much, and the game experience for me is not based around gold. It took me 4 years of play to max enchanting on my main as I just did it as it came. And I’m more than happy to just throw enchants and cuts around for friends and guildies.

But I am in a guild full of goblins, with the GM being the biggest goblin of all, Gevlon. And my guildies have been using my services, which I am happy to provide. A few of them have offered to pay something and I have waved them off. A few of them have paid me something or slipped me extra mats as a form of payment, which I am happy to accept. But I’m not forcing them to. The only time when I will insist on a reasonable payment is when I am sure that the item being made is not for themselves, but is probably going to end up on the Auction House.

This is how I do things. The problem is that I am in a guild which originated from a blog where the way I do things is not encouraged. How does a non-goblin like me survive in an ethos where it is every man for himself? I’m not being taken advantage of because they are utilising my services following my own rules. And Gevlons girlfriend, (who is very nice by the way), has done a few transmutes for me free of charge. All of this would be fine except that Gevlon has stated that he wants people in the guild to learn how to survive on their own two feet, which is one reason why there isn’t a guild bank. So what should I do? Should I just keep doing my own thing or should I rip them off for every gold piece that I can get? I would prefer to just do my own thing, but I hope that I am not undermining the fundamentals on which the guild was built.