Yesterday I did another 25 Arena 2v2 matches with my druid partner. We came out of it with 14 wins and 11 losses, which pushed us up to a 750 ranking. Not bad for just 50 matches played so far. My gear is just about where I can get it to at this point without getting arena ranking gear. What I really need are a couple of ilvl 264 weapons, but until we get our ranking up or I manage to step foot in ICC, that’s not going to happen. I’m definitely improving in arena, although I learn something almost every match. Yesterday I learnt with some shock that Warriors have a shout which will take you out of stealth. I never knew this. What a noob, huh? So shoot me.

My arena partner is very experienced, he used to have a 2200 rank team. Now he’s playing with me, which isn’t as low as you can fall, but it’s close. Think of me as a slight rebound upwards after hitting bottom. But he’s very patient and only lets out the occasional exasperated sigh over skype when I do something particularly noob-like. My partner has a weird balance spec that lets him heal as well as go into bear form and soak up a shit-tonne of damage. We were in a fight against a warlock and a druid where I died early on and it took another 4 minutes for them to take him down. I made a joke over skype that I should try and not die so early eh? heh heh heh. He agreed.

He knows everything about every class and their cooldowns, while I know a lot about rogues and … a lot about rogues. So when a DK puts down his blood area of effect thingy that I can’t stealth into, my partner knows that once it fades there is a 5 second cooldown for me to get in and sap. He can then rattle off that the mage has a 45 second cooldown on this, and the shaman has a 45 second cooldown on that, while I stare at the screen and try and work out if I’m still alive or not. Or I disarm an opponent and he immediately informs me that I have just wasted X amount of energy because you don’t disarm druids, you moron.

We had some interesting fights yesterday, but none more so that the fight against a shaman and a druid who were both healers. They were great at healing, not so great at dps. I don’t know if this is a very effective combination to win but it’s a sensationally awesome combination at making a fight last a very long time. It took us 20 minutes to get them down, (no exaggeration), and by the end of it I was suffering from carpel-tunnel. I ditched stealth very early on and just played my rogue like a dps warrior – in your face. We locked one down with cyclone or blind and wailed on the other until it was time to switch, thus slowly, and I mean slowly getting their mana pool down. If only sex lasted this long.

I only saw my partner panic once when we walked into a match and he exclaimed in a blind panic, “Mage/Rogue, arghhh, quick! You go that way! No,no,no! Watch out for the…! Arghghghgghhgh!” Dead.

I’m not having problems with paladins anymore, largely because I don’t try and attack them when they bubble. I just walk off, get behind a piller or something, restealth and flounce back and stick 100 daggers into them. I am having trouble against the kiting classes, warlocks, mages and hunters. Must get better there. The good thing about this bunch of matches was that we are now competitive. There were only a few matches where we lost quickly, the rest came down to the wire. We need to get some more matches in though because that 1800 is looking a long way off at the rate we’re going. And I need to get into ICC and get some daggers, cause once we get past 1200 ranking my weapons are going to be as usefull as tits on a bull.