My Arena partner and I are both jewelcrafters, and last night in between bouts of slicing opponents into little pieces, we spoke about the overall level of fail of trying to sell epic gems on our server. To put it bluntly, you can’t. Well, not to make a decent profit anyway. Rare gems I can sell, even green quality gems, but not epics. I’d be lucky to sell one a week on the Auction House. The only way you can make any money off them is by cutting other players own raw gems, but that entails hanging around on street corners rentboy style.

The reason that players are not want to spend 190 gold or so on an epic gem has been given to the both of us on repeated occasions by the players themselves. When told the price of a gem and a cut together they reply with a depressingly similar phrase:

“No thanks, I’ll just go farm some quick honor and get my gem that way.”

Honor, particularly with the PvP changes in the last patch, flows in at a very quick rate. It is not hard to farm 15,000 honor in an hour if you win a few battlegrounds. The first random battleground you win in a day will give you around 5500 honor. How much does a raw epic gem cost you? 10,000 honor. If you look at how many badges of whatever an epic gem costs you it is clear that farming them for honor is much, much faster. So fast in fact that you would be a fool not to. I thought that there were more fools out there, but not apparently in this case.

I don’t know if this is an oversight by Blizzard. Perhaps it is relevant only to my weird server. It could be that on other servers people can’t be bothered to run a couple of battlegrounds for an epic gem. You see the effect that this has when you compare selling epics to meta gems. Meta gems sell fairly well, and they only go into one slot. Each player only needs one meta, but they still sell. It’s a sad day when you can’t rip your players off and they can sort themselves out. What is the world coming to?