Part 1
Awesome Adam logs in.

5 seconds later …

[nobhead1] hey mate, can you link me your enchanting?
[AA]: [enchanting]
[nobhead1] I just got this, [some weapon]. what would be a good enchant for it?
[AA]: I have no idea, I don’t play your class. Do your research and get back to me.
[nobhead1]: kk, lol.

I do a few things then log on to my bank alt, then log back to my main. 5 seconds later …

[nobhead1]: hey bro, can you link me your enchanting again?
[AA]: [enchanting]
[nobhead1]: I want [beserking]. Where are you?
[AA]: Dalaran. That will be 25 gold if you have the mats.
[nobhead1]: haha, lol, you’re sick for gold, you are, lol.
[AA]: It will be 50g if you keep that up.
[nobhead1]: Come on, 25g? I’ll give you 10, a good deal.
[AA]: I tell you what, you go and buy it off the AH for 650g, how does that sound?
[nobhead1]: Ok, well it’s just cause I give my stuff to people I know for free, cause that’s how i am, but if that’s what you want to do, then I suppose you can do what you want, lol, right.
[AA]: Does that mean you want the enchant or not?
[nobhead1]: yeah, getting mats, will get back to you.

Time passes …

[nobhead1]: lol, soz can u link enchanting again?
[AA]: [enchanting]
[nobhead1]: OK, i want the enchant and will pay your 20g fee.
[AA]: Nice try, it’s 25g.
[nobhead1]: kk, thx, see ya, bye.

[trade] Nobhead1: LF enchanter.
[AA]: /ignore.

Part 2

[Trade] NObhead 2: lfjc
(This goes on for about 15 minutes until he gets a bit frustrated,)
[Trade]Nobhead2: LFJC!!!
[AA]: [jewelcrafting] 25g a cut.

5 minutes go by with no response, then …

[nobhead2]: Can you link JC again?
[AA]: [jewelcrafting]
[nobhead2]: you don’t have the cut i want ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
[AA]: Oh well, what a shame.

5 minutes go by …

[Nobhead2]: can you link jc?
[AA]: [jewelcrafting]
[Nobhead2]: Oh, you do have my cut i want [some fucking jewel like i give a shit]
[AA]: 25g for that cut.
[Nobhead2]: I’ll give you 15g
[AA]: You can keep your 15g and go back to spamming trade again.
[Nobhead2]: lol, come on bro, it’s free for you to do.
[AA]: I change my mind about spamming trade. Go level JC instead.
[NObhead2]: 16g
[AA]: I tell you what. I’m going to the AH to put one of these up at a really nice price, you can get it there.
[Nobhead2]: But i have mats!
[AA]: Oh well.

I go to AH and list it for 175g.

5 minutes go by …

[Nobhead2]: You piece of shit. ok I’ll give you 25g for the cut.

[AA]: /ignore.