The title of this post is a comment that I received a few weeks ago on a post of mine. What prefaced this line was mostly stupid, but then the commenter finished off with the classic line, ‘I used to enjoy your posts.’

Obviously what he is trying to say here is that my posts used to be of some worth but now they are not. What is also impled is that I, as said writer of these posts, should begin to start writing as I used to write before when he was actually enjoying them. What is also present here is a power play, an implied threat that I will lose a reader, and that if he is feeling this way then many others will as well.

I just want you to know that I really couldn’t give a shit either way. Stay or go, read or don’t read, whatever lights your fire. It’s nice to have days when I get a huge number of hits on my blog, but it’s not the be all and end all of why I do this. Blog statistics are kind of like damage meters in that way. Yeah they give us information, and it can be very valuable, but to lose sight of everything else just to keep that number ticking over is to lose sight of what your original objective was. My objective was to be able to communicate what I think about the game in a forum of my own choosing and control. If you used to enjoy my posts then that’s great. If you don’t anymore then I’m sorry that you don’t but I’m not going to get up in the morning thinking, ‘Oh crap I better do a ‘good post’ today so as to satisfy that percentage of my readership that used to enjoy my posts but now don’t.’

I’ve got better things to do than that, like drink my coffee and ponder over whether Webber can win a third race in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I value the readers who take the time to post a comment on my blog, and I approve all of them. I think I have only ever deleted two and that was by mistake. I’ve been called all sorts of names, been ridiculed, had aspirtions cast on my general character, whatever. I’ll approve them. What a love is when I approve a comment attacking me and my readership takes it upon themselves to come to my defense. That’s awesome. There have been a few comments in the last weeks from people saying, ‘long term reader, first time commenter.’ Those are fantastic, and I hope that you keep commenting.

But I will still write whatever the fuck I feel like writing, and if you enjoy it, great. If you don’t, go read something else. It’s not like you’re starved for choice.