Most blog readers know about Big Red Kitty, the famous hunter blogger. He stopped blogging, swearing never to return and has now returned. The reason for him showing up again like the dude at the party who left drunk a few hours ago saying he had to go to work tomorrow and then is found on the couch waxing prophetic about steak recipies is due to him being asked to Alpha test Cataclysm. I suppose that he could have just done this without causing much of a hoo-haa, but us bloggers like to wax lyrical so his blog has started up again as well as him beginning to appear on podcasts.

I was never a big BRK fan mostly due to the fact that I thought he was a pompous dude who also played a hunter and I was a little bemused at the interblog hero worship that emerged dripping on each and every one of his pronouncements. So when his blog started up again I thought I’d go and give him another chance, to see if I could get into all the hero worship, cause I really need a hero. Maybe so I could hang a poster of my hero on my bedroom wall. When was the last time any of you hung a poster of your hero in your bedroom? I don’t think my wife would be impressed though.

So anyway, his blog now consists of him detailing his alpha testing in no detail. There is no detail because he is bound by the NDA. So what he’s doing is writing down a list of stuff, something like what I could do if I was learning how to swim but wasn’t allowed to give any details:

1: it’s warm, yey!
2: I have to do what?
3: Ok, that works I suppose.
4: Hawt chicks, yeah.
5: Do I have to …. oh damn
6: Gotta get some new equipments.

I think the first post was nice and original and stuff but I couldn’t get through the second one as it gets lame very quick. It’s not funny and it doesn’t include the reader. It leaves you on the outside. I mean, I could mention on this blog that I got to hang out with lots of hot chicks in my disco last night and that would be all fine. But if I kept rubbing your faces in the fact every day I think most readers would begin to get a bit jaded. So yeah, you’re in the alpha and you’re not giving us any details because you can’t and you’re going to tell us that every day. Big fucking deal. Which would be fine because I don’t have to read his blog but almost every blogger out there is going on about BRK is back, BRK is here to save the world, blah blah blah.

Well excuse me for being underwhelmed.