So it appears that vanish has had its mega problems resolved by a simple method – you can still be hit in the 3 seconds after popping vanish but you won’t be taken out of stealth. So if all your enemies are furiously spamming AoE attacks in your general direction, your health will go down but you still have a shot at an opener. It seems so simple you have to ask why they didn’t think of it before. Maybe they did but they couldn’t make it work, who knows. But if this is true I will go out and sacrifice a chicken to the old gods as a thankyou.

I can’t pretend to have dug this up as it was Christian over at who alerted me to it, so go check out his article. Check out the link he has to the elitest jerks thread and have a read through it as there’s some interesting stuff.

I’m also changing my blog list a little to reflect what I am presently reading and bloggers who have retired. I try to keep this updated as often as possible with blogs that I actively read.

ps; I got a nice comment on yesterdays post this morning from a reader saying that trawling through my old posts had helped their rogue play, (Thanks nice comment person!). However, this has brought to my attention the fact that I haven’t updated my tag cloud thingy or put posts in a category for about 5 months, which must make trawling through old posts pretty darn difficult. So I will do my best to update all those in the next few days I promise, I really do, hand on heart, maybe.