21 arena games and we managed to drop down 4 points. I mean sure, we got our weekly arena badges, but it still feels like we were out there for nothing. Kind of like the Australian football team …
And most of the fault I must pin on myself. Last night I was the suck. I just wasn’t in the zone. We won 5 matches out of 11 sure, but still I was the suck. How does running up to sap a hunter and forgetting about his ice trap sound? Or standing right out in the middle of an open space so a warrior can charge me? Or how about failing to learn that a shaman will open with his hurricane-force-blow-you-back-thingy every fucking time? Forgetting to use blind? That was me. Disarming the wrong class? Hands up for Adam. Doing overall crap damage with my measly ilvl232 weapons against very good geared teams? That would be yours truly. One of the games we ran was against a paladin/druid team. I managed to off the druid in double quick time which left the two of us to take out the paladin. We stood there wailing against this dude in the same spot without any movement for about 4 minutes before he finally did us a favor and keeled over and died. I can just imagine what he was saying to his partner in real time:

“Do you think these two are ever going to kill me?”
“Doesn’t look like it. Keep it up while I go and get a coffee.”
“Sure. Man, this rogue really sucks.”

If you’re going to do arena you must be warned. In any other part of the game you can convince yourself that you’re a good player when actually you suck. In arena there is nowhere to hide. I could feel my partners pain last night, I felt it in his voice on skype. There were these long drawn out sighs. And then at one point I was sure that I could hear him banging his head against the keyboard in a slow thudding motion. Either that or he was jerking off which I don’t want to think about.

But I did learn one thing last night for all you would-be arena rogues out there. Use obstacles. You don’t want to go toe to toe with a warrior, you want to just keep him out of your line of sight. We managed to win a game where I kept a well geared warrior busy chasing me around a large tombstone. He couldn’t use charge or any of his nasty stuns, and every now and again I would turn and unleash a bunch of damage on him and then recommence running in a tight circle again. Eventually my partner gave me the super secret code word to burn him down:

“Finish him!”

And then I blinded him, restealthed and then ass-chopped him to oblivion. Obstacles are great as a rogue. Keep moving around, sprint away and hide to get out of combat, make them waste time looking for you, use distract as often as you can. And above all else, when you’re playing like shit, call it early and go and kill some male blood elves.