Today I am sick. Yesterday I thought I was sick but that was just the pre-sick sick. Now today I have the full sick. What day is it today? It is Wednesday. The day the servers are down. So I am sick and the universe hates me into the bargain. Hopefully the severs will be back up at 11am. Then I can have a sick day in WoW. Sick days in WoW are best spent doing braindead activities. Farming stupid drops, going places that you’ve never gone before, smelling the crummy roses, that sort of thing. So I might farm some drops I suppose. Here is a list of things I am going to farm:

Fractured Scarlet Ruby design. I have a bunch of rubies in the bank and the only cut I have is the expertise one which doesn’t sell that well, and I can’t be bothered wasting 3 JC tokens on a rare gem recipie, so I’ll go and see if I can get this.

Enchant weapon spellpower. The best heirloom weapon enchant for casters, this drops from bosses in Molten Core. I’m going to assume that squishy rogues will be not so great at soloing these bosses, so I may have to talk someone into coming with me. I’ve been wanting this for a while.

Or I could just go into full brain-dead mode and farm this.

Any other ideas for things for me to farm while coughing and spluttering over my monitor?

Oh, and advice needed: should I drop enchanting for engineering considering I am pvp muit rogue and pve combat?

UPDATE AT 11.47am: “The maintanence has been extended for all realms, we apologise for the incon………gofuckyourselveswhydoeshteworldhatemewhy??????

Further update on engineering vs enchanting: I found this cool chart at shadow panther which puts engineering way out in front, both in pvp and pve. Looks like it might be the way to go.