A lot of gamers are scared of PvP. Really, really scared. Like when you were a kid and were convinced that there was a godawful globbulous slime thing under your bed that was gonna get you kind of scared. I know, I was one of those scared players. But then I moved to a PvP server and I saw the light. I saw the light my brothers! (and sisters too I suppose). Anyway, here are some tips on what it will be like for you when you enter the new wide world of a pvp server.

First off, lets start with rolling a new toon. You have your new little gnome mage or whatever the hell it is in your brand new world. And lets be honest, you’re scared shitless. But after a little while you work out that nothing bad can happen to you in the starter zone. So you run around and do your quests and stuff and all is nice and good in the world. But then comes the horrible moment when you cross for the first time into a zone labelled, ‘Contested Area’. Now every move you make is fraught with danger for you could be ganked at any moment …

I levelled a gnome warlock up to about level 30 on an RPPvP realm a few months ago, just to check out what this RP thing was like, (stupid and dull and populated by people who still play with dolls and knight lego sets). I never got ganked, not even once. But I tell you what, it was a lot more exciting. There is a warlock quest that sends you over to the Barrens to talk to some dude. Now the Barrens is serious horde territory. I was only a low level 20 when I had to set foot over there. I figured that the best way in was via Theramore Isle, up through Dustwallow Marsh, (where I fully expected to have to corpse run a bit due to aggro issues), and then into the Barrens. The first surprising thing was that I managed to get through the marsh without being killed. I aggroed a few crocodiles and what have you, but my little feets ran a treat and I scampered away. I also ran past a few horde who kind of regarded me with a faintly bemused expression, kind of along the lines of, ‘what the fuck are you doing out here?’.

So into The Barrens I arrived. This was exciting stuff. Instead of taking the road I decided to travel along the tops of the mountain peaks, which was also good for avoiding packs of mobs which could easily make my life a misery at my level. I scrambled along these all the way up to where I had to find the dude. It was very exciting stuff, mostly because I was an outlaw in an enemy land. Do this on a PvE server and you basically waltz your merry way to where you want to be. But I got in and out without being ganked and that was a very satisfying feeling.

Transferring my rogue across to the PvP realm for the ganking project, I had the same type of worries, only now I was a level 80 in Northrend. My first few trips out into the wilds to do my JC dailies had me reduced to a nervous wreck. But once again I never got ganked. I still remember the first time I actually ganked a player. I crept up on a warlock in the Storm Peaks who was doing his daily. I waited until he had just killed a mob and his health and mana were not at maximum, then I cheap shotted him from behind. It turned out to be an epic battle due to my PvP crapness at the time and I only just managed to take him out. I then quickly got the fuck out of there as I was terrified that he was going to come back with 5 of his mates.

Playing on a PvP server is not that different from a PvE one. World PvP doesn’t really exist anymore. But it gives you an extra dimension to the game and rewards you with the option of actually killing that player from the enemy faction who is making your life a misery. And if your own PvP skills aren’t up to the task? Well, you’re just going to have to get better, and that’s always a good thing.