The best way to do something that you are not sure about doing is to just do it and then afterwards have a good cry if you think you have made a serious fucking mistake. Or hire a good lawyer. I don’t need a lawyer and I haven’t had a good cry … yet. You see, yesterday I deleted fully maxed 450 enchanting with a stack of Vanilla and BC enchants on my main. I’d been deliberating on it for weeks. And once again I found myself deliberating when I just thought, fuck it. And I pressed the delete button and it said, ‘what the fuck? Are you sure??’, and I said yes and then it was all over.


I’ve had enchanting on my main since the beginning. I suppose apart from my hearthstone that this profession was the last original thing remaining. And I just blew it off like Suzzie McTavish used to do for us at year 10 parties. Oh well. And what have I dumped it for? Engineering. Which was not funny when a guidie jumped in chat literally 5 minutes after I performed the dumping and informed us that he had dumped engineering because it was useless. Aww fuck, don’t say things like that.

I haven’t taken engineering yet, I took mining. I want to gather up the resources to power level it in one day, and there is a serious lack of raw mining mats on the AH. No saronite or cobalt ore yesterday. And common wrath gems going for stupidly high prices. So I’m running around Westfall and Duskwood doing some gathering. And you know what? It’s nice, I’m enjoying it. I like grabbing a new profession like mining and taking it up. You get to run around and see all the old content again. Say hello to old friends, and then kill them if they get in the way of your mining nodes. What the hell is it with aggro radius and nodes? I can walk right through any of these level 15 mobs without them even glancing in my direction, but as soon as I hit a node they come running to attack me from miles away. Hello? If you wanted the node why didn’t you just take it yourself? Now I have to fan of knives you all to the deaths.

I reinstalled gatherer and it still had all my old data! Sweet! So a mining we will go. We jumped into ICC last night for the first run with the new guild, and I got a nice chest drop for a measley 1700gold which is a huge upgrade over my old piece of twaddle. There were a few drops that nobody wanted though and before I knew it the raid leader had given them to me to disenchant.

Erm … there’s something that I haven’t told you guys is there …