Yesterday was a bad day for me. We all have bad days, I suppose. Where you get up in the morning and discover that you’re married to a horrible slug and you’ve got two children to her. Actually, that’s just a bad hangover that’s lasted a few years. Anyway, yesterday was a bad day. Things just didn’t seem to gel, but finally in the late afternoon I had a bit of free time before my ex-girlfriend was coming around for dinner with her partner who happens to be my best mate, so I jumped on WoW. Going to do some mining! Actually what I did was regem my PvE set from agility to attack power as I have pushed the crit cap. It made quite a bit of difference too. So I needed a bunch of epic gems, which I get through honor points. I have a shit tonne of stone keeper shards so my goal was to win Wintergrasp so I could hand some of them in for honor tokens. Easier said than done. But it was only 20 minutes to the next WG and a guildie suddenly asked who was in for a WG team, and a bunch of us put up our hands and I had high hopes of winning.

We formulated our strategy, just like in the ‘old days’ from the ganking guild, and away we went. First job was to get promoted, which everyone managed to do except for me. So I was told to protect the sieges, which I was hoping to do if I could only get to them from halfway across the map where I was trying to find a guard, any fucking guard at all so I could kill them and get promoted. gevlon sent me a whisper of ‘where the fuck are ya?’, and all I could manage was a timid ‘omw’ while trying the hell to catch up to them.
So I caught up and killed a hordie who was trying to take the two sieges and I got promoted but I got told to hang around with them. So what did I do? I stood at the wall next to the sieges while they hammered at the defences. there were no horde around to defend against so I just stood there. And stood there. And stood there some more …

‘Can you get in a cannon and start shooting??’

Oh yeah, the cannons … I could do that … oops.

So I get in the cannons and start shooting and we take down the first wall and get the second wall halfway down and then the seiges get taken down and we die. Rez back at Broken temple and we get some demolishers which we take off to hide behind the tree in our good old demo shooting over the wall strategy. Except I don’t really hide mine very well because I’m watching what’s going on until …

“Could you hide your demo BEHIND the tree??”

Oh yeah, the tree, behind it, sorry about that … oops.

So we’re waiting and waiting for the right time to sneak them in and then the faceless numberless Alliance on the other side of the map manage to break in and win the game. Oh good, well done, I suppose we contributed … Well I got my honor points so all ends well. I regem and I’m off mining some nodes when I get a whisper from Gevlon. It seems that I invited someone into the guild who may have already had an alt in the guild but we’re not sure because I didn’t do any checking when I invited them and my only freaking task to do if I invite someone is to check which I didn’t do so then we had to kick the new guy who was offline and then everyone in the guild started up with, why did he get kicked? what did he do and then we had to spend 15 minutes explaining everything and more people came online and we had to explain to them but in fact it was gevlon doing most of the explaining and me sitting there feeling like an absolute idiot and it was a bad fucking day okay????

Saturday morning rant over. Everyone please go back to your homes. Nothing to see here.