[Host]: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the first in a series of interviews with the unsung background heroes of World of Warcraft. Tonight we have a very special guest, someone that I know a lot of you have met in the past, the Defias Traitor, better known to his friends and family as, Terry.

[Terry]: Thanks Dale, and it’s a real pleasure to be here.

[Host]: So, you’ve been a traitor to the Defias Brotherhood for quite some time now …

[Terry:] Over five years.

[Host]: … over five years, incredible. Tell me, how do you balance out being a traitor of this sort with your everyday life?

[Terry]: That’s a good question. I hide a lot, as you may imagine. I still live in Westfall but I’ve had to disguise myself somewhat and alter my life style.

[Host]: Can you give us any details of that?

[Terry]: Well, more or less I’ve disguised myself as a riverpaw gnoll. And I live with a tribe of riverpaws who don’t actually know that I’m not a gnoll. It’s a pretty good disguise, although it can get a bit hot and it’s a pain in the butt when the flies get into it. The life style isn’t that great, we sit around the fire a lot and keep a look out and that sort of thing. Thinking back I should have disguised myself as a shaman, cause they get the best cuts of raw meat, but I can’t cast spells so that would have been a bit of a problem I suppose.

[Host]: Fascinating. So what is the biggest challenge to your day to day life?

[Terry]: That would have to be the Patrolling Westfall quest from Captain Danuvin, man I hate that guy. What I do is try and keep a stack of gnoll paws handy that I surreptiously cut off of the other gnolls when they’re not looking. So if some paladin attacks me I just feign dead and throw a couple of paws on the ground and normally they’re really happy with that and they fuck off and leave me alone.

[Host]: So is that why gnolls sometimes don’t drop paws when you kill them?

[Terry]: Yeah, sorry about that.

[Host]: Okay, we have a question from a viewer at home who wants to know why you don’t take a circuitous route to show the Deadmine hideout, and why you walk so damn slowly? It’s a good question this one as I’ve been wondering this myself for a while.

[Terry]: Well you gotta understand that I’m not in this for the money, I’m in this for the thrills and a bit of revenge. Sure, I could just jog around the back of the village there, go by the graveyard and point out the entrance from a distance, but where would be the fun in that? And you can bet that any of those pussy Defias who cheated me in all those poker games wouldn’t get it from whomever is doing the quest. So I like to take them right through the middle of the village and take it nice and slow. That way I can be sure that at least some of my old partners in crime get what’s coming to them.

[Host]: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking of getting into the traitor game?

[Terry]: Being a traitor has a lot of scope to it, and a lot of future. I mean, look at that poor Defias Messenger guy. Apart from the fact that he has to run all the time, so you know he’s always tired out, it’s almost a certainty that he’s gonna get killed. Whereas I have a good chance to come out in front. Make sure you get a gnoll costume with good ventilation though. And make sure that the costume isn’t good looking either. Man, that was a big mistake.

[Host]: Terry, thanks very much for your time.