A comment yesterday on my post on loot for the Ruby Sanctum:

“… got ribspreader off of rotface after a few runs but lungbreaker took me like 2 – 2 1/2 months to get to drop, which i won and got last week but blizz definately needs to increase the drop rate of daggers in their raids …”

Does Blizzard really need to increase the drop rate of weapons or do they need to think about putting a few more in game? I did a little checking on the wowhead database this morning for rogue drops for items from ilvl 251 to 277. Here are the numbers for you:

Chest pieces: 8.
Feet: 4
Hands: 6
Head: 5
Legs: 7
Shoulders: 7
Waist: 4
Wrist: 4

The first thing that pricks my attention there is that if you’re running in a GDKP run you don’t want to be spending too much cash on chest, leg or shoulder pieces as compared to the others, simply because there are a lot more of them to go around. Why so many chest pieces to choose from? Do we really care that much about our chest piece? The one that sticks out the most are the feet though as there are no badge feet pieces available. And if you’re in a 10 man raid you can only get a feet drop from one boss, Prince Valanar. Is this purposely done so that leatherworkers will feel like they have a point in life so as to make their Footpads of inpending death and cost us all a tidy fortune for them?

How many daggers do we have? Well, if you run in a 10 man group you have a grand total of 2 daggers to choose from. That’s it. There is another one on the Lich King but considering such a low percentage of guilds have got him down I don’t know if it’s that fair to include it as a regular drop. 25 mans can include two ilvl 258 daggers from Trail of the Crusader, so their total is 4, or 5 if you include the Lich King drop.

But compared to the numbers for other items, in particular chest, shoulder and leg pieces, (which are also available from badge vendors), these numbers are pathetic. Thankfully in Cataclysm the loot lists between 10 and 25 man runs are the same. But still, if they have the same number of weapons to other items it is still going to be a long slow crawl to finally get the pieces that you need.