I have two phones. I have email. I have Facebook because it is the only way for me to effectively stay in touch with all the people I know around the world. I have call waiting. I have skype. I live a 1 minute drive from my bar and the rafting base. I have 2 old sisters as neighbors who ask me to help them cut their huge lawn, (but they give me awesome sun ripened tomatoes).

And then I have WoW. And more to the point I have WoW in a guild where I can come and go as I want with no guilt trips or forced friendships. So I can escape, because that is what WoW is for me, an escape. I don’t pretend that I am actually Elizzà the hottie night elf who seduces hordies to their death. But the fact is that in game people call me Elizzà. I am Elizzà. They don’t call me Adam, and that is fine by me. Because WoW is an escape from reality and such a good one that I’m still playing it after all these years. Some of my friends play golf. When they play golf they leave their phones in the car. They walk around outside and hit a ball and concentrate on that and immerse themselves in their golfy world. That is their escape.

Real ID is the antithesis of this. It is now another way for people to contact me in real life. They want to bring real life into my game which is my escape from real life. So I will just not turn it on, right? It’s entirely optional for us to use. Well, the battlenet account was optional too at one point if I remember correctly. The first micro-transaction pet was a one-off as well. The Real ID is in the game now, they have spent a lot of money to set it up so they are going to want us to use it. They did not put this in out of the love of their hearts so teenagers can communicate more. They did it for purely finacial reasons, some of which perhaps are not that clear. Right now it is optional. We’ll see about the future.

So for all those people like The Stoppable Force telling us that we are just little cry babies for not liking this, you can go and sit on my fat finger.

Oh, and they may as well drop the bullshit and do away with not being able to communicate with the other faction in game, seeing as you can do it anyway with the Real ID network.