It sounds a bit kinky, doesn’t it – warriors in leather. Like we’re going to dominate you and then lop off your head at the shoulders. But it needs to be asked as it pertains to the rogue class now in WoW. Are we just warriors in leather?

Spinks wrote a post the other day about the problem of stealth in MMO’s. What gave her the idea for the post was her experience in LOTRO with her burglar and how stealth is great if you’re doing stuff alone but in a group, not so much. It made me think back to the Burning Crusade. When I ran 5 mans in BC I used stealth a lot, because I used crowd control a lot. I also used it in raids as well. I remember being sent to scount ahead in Karazhan before Monroes, to see when to pull the nasty mobs through the ballroom dancers. I don’t use stealth in raids now. There is no point as a combat rogue to do so in fights, so you sure don’t open from stealth. I just run in and start hacking away. Which sounds kind of warrior in leather when you think of it.

To maybe show how trivial the whole stealth thing has become just think of those traps at the very beginning of ICC. When ICC was released the rogue world went briefly nuts with delight at those traps.
“Yey! I can use stealth again! I can be usefull!”
Which is kind of pathetic when you think about it and it just goes to show how far stealth has fallen when a couple of traps make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Do you ever pickpocket much? Pick a lock on a door? Disarm a trap? Use sap on a mob? I don’t much in the PvE world, and in PvP I only use sap out of those abilities. And now in Cataclysm our stun locking abilties are to be nerfed with Cheap Shot and Kidney Shot going on the same cooldown, which means you’ll have to use vanish to have the same effect as you do now and it will still be shorter. It’s kind of crazy when a paladins Hammer of Justice stuns for longer than a rogues 3 abilties lined up one after the other.

I’m beginning to understand why we have improved leather in the talent tree now. Because when it’s all said and done, we’re really looking like warriors in leather.