Dear Mr Hacker,

That is my contact email address for this site. It’s up there under the tab called ‘contact me’. I use it to not respond to people a lot. So when I went to log into that email address this morning, I was quite surprised to see that I was unable to do so. Hotmail was telling me that due to the absurdly high number of unsuccessful attempts to log into that email account, I would have to go through a barrage of trials by fire, water and very small and tiny letters and numbers to type into a bunch of boxes. Which tells me that someone had run some hacking programmes to get into my email account. The only reason I can deduce for doing this is that they presumed that I would be so silly to have a published email address as the one I use on my battlenet account. And perhaps also that I would use a really stupid password.

Well, it looks like my password held up to your attacks. But it’s still lucky that I don’t have my battlenet password out there for all the world to see. Better be getting me some of that real ID network happening now!