Catalysmic events deserve great preperation, especially if you know it’s coming. You want to get out of harms way, obviously. You don’t want the kiddies being washed away, drowned in a river of lava or having to listen to any songs by Muse. So you go to high ground, stock up on the essentials, (prosecco, cheese, chilli salami and hot mustard), and prepare to wait it out. Or do you?

Getting to safe ground is the last thing I want to be doing the day before Cataclysm hits. What I’m thinking is parking myself at the bottom of Thousand Needles, or lying down in that dry river bed in The Barrens, or doing some sightseeing in the Blasted Lands. There are two issues at stake here:

1. Where to position yourself.
2. What will actually happen.

I think that Thousand Needles wins out here, but if anyone can think of somewhere better, please let us know. As regards to what will happen, I think it could go a few ways. Obviously the best result would be that you die a horrible death and find your toon floating face down at the bottom of a giant lake in Thousand Needles. However, as discussed on The Instance this week, a more probable outcome will that you will be automatically hearthed to a safe location, like a city or an outpost or a battleground. This of course would be disappointing on a scale of finding out that your date at the school ball has highly contagious scabies, but I’m steeling myself for disappointment here. Any other ideas on what might happen? Lets hope that it’s not something truly awful like being teleported to Outland.