The Cataclysm Beta is now open and MMO Champion has all your updates and screenshots and other goodies for you to check out. I have opted out of the Beta as I always do, (like they would have picked me anyway, not), as I like surprises. I wasn’t one of those kids who used to poke holes in his Christmas presents. I like to take my time and let it all open up for me. So I’m sorry to say but don’t look to this blog to be giving you sneak previews and all the rest of it. I will be reporting on things as I find them as regards to the rogue class and how it may turn out in the new expansion. In that sense it is better to be prepared. But as regards everything else I will be staying mum and I myself won’t be clicking on any spoiler maps and what have you. Besides, I couldn’t do it better than MMO Champion anyway.

I couldn’t get on to my server last night which was a bummer as I had taken the night off to play some WoW after a week of having had very little time. Hopefully tonight I can find the time to get on as I have a little secret project which I hope to share the results with you all very soon.