It’s a tough time in the game with those pre-expansion blues getting a lot of people down. It’s also getting a lot of bloggers down as well. And the signs are not good for a lot of them. Obviously if you haven’t posted in 4 months then we can generally take the hint that things have closed down. The problem is that most bloggers don’t close things down. Ninja Chimp went out the right way a little over 9 months ago with a farewell post. Goodbye, thanks a lot, it’s been fun, blah blah blah. This lets us know where we stand. At the same time, Gone Rogue made a normal post and then … well his link has a pretty girl wearing a backpack now, so I’m assuming that he has gone. These are the two extremes of how to finish your blog. But there are some other bad signs as well to keep a look out for if you a reading a blog and wondering what’s going on.

The ‘I’m Back!! post.

The ‘I’m Back!!’ post is your classic sign that things are about to go pear shaped, even more so if there are any exclaimation marks. The blogger is attempting to get their enthusiasm back for blogging. They feel bad that they’re not blogging as much and want to give their readership hope that things are going to continue. This is usually a false hope as this is often a final post.

This post can take many forms apart from I’m Back. Other common ones are;
‘Where did XxX go?’, (XxX for name of blogger). This one will tell you how their life has been very, very busy but that the blogger is still thinking of you, maybe. Often a final post.

‘Been Away for a Bit’. In this post the blogger tells you where they have been and then leaves forever.

All of these are bad but the worst one is yet to come. This is the post where the blogger tells you that he is thinking of opening up the blog to other writers. Yes Pitrelli, I’m talking about you. This is a bad sign, as it indicates that the blogger is running out of ideas or energy to keep the blog going themselves. They then enter the deluded alternative universe where they believe that other writers will keep their own blog going for them, when in the real world what other writers usually do is just start their own blog. The worst example of this is Akiros over at rogue-rogue, one of my favorite rogue blogs. Back in April he posted that he was looking for contributors for his blog. And he got them, which was even more surprising. And they posted a bunch of articles for him as well. And with all these new contributors when was the last post on the blog? May the 19th. It appears that Akiros has run out of steam, which is a great, great shame.

Oh and by the way, I’m really busy at the moment and got stuff to do and I’m back for a bit and I’m looking for people to help me write stuff, okay, thx bye.