It didn’t even take a full day for the major news networks to pick this up.

The BBC has run with the story.

While an interesting read, this is my favorite bit:

“… One World of Warcraft player, Jim Brand, contacted BBC News to say how disappointed he was over the change.

“I have been using the forums for over five years, reporting bugs and trying to be helpful. Now, to have the privilege to help people on the forums I have to reveal my real name; I’m dead against it,” he said.

“I work in a charity and deal with governments officials. If they do a search and see I am a gamer, it could affect my employment prospects,” he added.”

So Jim Brand is dead against using his real name so his employers don’t find out that he plays video games, eh? Jim, buddy … I think you just fucked up.

Anyway, this is the only one I’ve found so far, but it was on their front page, and it only took a day. Lets see how many more major news networks pick it up.