Last night I saw that Gnomeaggedon had cancelled his account over RealID. While an extreme reaction, and something that I am not prepared to do as I think that it is somewhat knee-jerk, it’s his choice to do so. But while I was reading his post, something really bothered me. I’ll quote it here for you all:

“… Now when I am sick I either need to go to work, or provide a doctors certificate (even though that is not the company policy), because as a known WoW player it is assumed that I at at home playing WoW.

When I work from home (as my role permits) I am required to provide an detailed timeline of my activities (unlike other non-WoW (or declared WoW) players.

When I take my allotted holidays, I get asked whether I am taking the time to sit in front of the PC – “Are you really flying interstate.. show me the tickets”…”

I’m really shocked at this. Blown away even. On the level of, are you fucking kidding me shocked. I’m sorry bro, but can you be any more pathetic? You don’t need to quit WoW over realID, you need to quit your boss. Or at the very least stand up for yourself. You’re not standing up for yourself by quitting WoW for the reasons that you gave. You’re running away and hiding, on what I can only assume has been a continual process. As only you are required to provide a detailed timeline when working from home, and no other employees, what you are saying is that your company has no trust in you, and instead of standing up for yourself you just blithely accept this. Show me the tickets when you go on holiday?? Are you out of your fucking mind?

All over the internets yesterday I saw the same thing written; videogamers are looked down upon, and this RealID thing will cause people to find out about our secret shamefull life. This is not the reason to be jacked off about RealID. The reason to be jacked off about RealID is because, as Gevlon has said this morning, it is the next step in Blizzards way for us to boost moron players at our own expense. This is Blizzards aim to have RealID. Their aim was not for the entire world to find out that you play videogames. That is an unintended consequence. But for us it is an opportunity. An opportunity to stand up for yourself, for fucks sake.
Ask your co-workers today what they do in their free time. Maybe you’ll discover that one likes fishing. So ask him how much time he spends on fishing, when he fishes, why he does it, how much money he spends on it. Show some interest in his fishing hobby. And then perhaps he’ll do you the same courtesy and ask you what you do in your free time.

And at this point you all need to fucking stand up for youselves and tell them that you play video games. And if you can’t do that then go back to roleplaying in Goldshire and trying to convince yourself that you’re in control of your life.