So apparently we won. Yey. That’s nice, I suppose. The victory of the little man over the huge corporate identity. I should probably be skipping through the fields or something. So why do I feel all hollow about this? Like I just couldn’t care anymore. It could have something to do with the fact that I worked for 18 hours straight yesterday and I feel like a warmed up puddle of dog poo right now. Last night I came home from that huge day and I did my usual thing before going to bed: I jumped on the computer to play WoW for 30 minutes just to calm my spinning head down a little so I could sleep.

But I didn’t log into WoW. I booted up Civ4 and made a little civilization and had a nice time playing a game for 30 minutes. It was just me and the game. No RealID crap, no gold spammers, no people asking me to do this or that for them, just playing a game. I hadn’t played Civ4 for ages. It was great getting back into it again. I stuck it on Prince to give me a little challenge and got into a great fight with the Aztecs, as I remember doing a lot as Motenzemula is a lunatic. Just playing a game.

Now, this morning, the blogging world is fall of ‘We’ve Won!’ posts, and Blizzard is issuing corporate statements on how much they value their customers, blah, blah, blah. Are they telling the truth? Probably not. Do they probably have something else up their sleeve in order to get their own way? Most probably, yes. Can I be bothered with trying to work out what it is? Nope.

Today I just don’t seem to care about Blizzard or WoW or policy issues or corporate speak or whatever. I just don’t care. Like I said, it could be because I am really tired. Or it could be because I just want to be able to relax with a game when I want to. That’s what I’ve always done, just relax playing a game. WoW and Blizzard just doesn’t seem so relaxing anymore. It feels like I have to be watching over my shoulder to see what they’lll do next.

I need to clean the house, take the dog out for a run, and do a bunch of other stuff. Tonight I have to work. But this afternoon I might just take an hour and relax playing a game. See if I can get those pesky Aztecs to back off.