[Host]: Good evening once again, and welcome to our continuing series of interviews with some of the major and minor players of Azeroth. Tonight it is my great pleasure to welcome the renouned sorceresses, leader of Theramore Isle, and demon hater, Jaina Proudmore. Jaina, welcome to the show.

[Jaina]: It’s great to be here, Dale.

[Host]: So Jaina, you have a reputation as being a bit of an emo bitch. How do you respond to that?

[Jaina]: You watch your ex-boyfriend turn into the king of the undead and go live in the forzen wastes and see how well you can handle it.

[Host]: Fair enough. So, you rule in Theramore Isle … how is that?

[Jaina]: Just great.

[Host]: Really?

[Jaina]: Yeah.

[Host]: It says here in my notes that the people of Theramore Isle spend their days either fishing or collecting kelp. That’s not going to leave much mental stimulation for you to talk about in the evening, is it?

[Jaina]: Did you know that there are over 200 different species of kelp?

[Host]: I did not know that, no.

[Jaina]: There you go.

[Host]: Were you upset at not being included in the “For the Horde!” quest?

[Jaina]: It would have been nice, yes I do admit that. But I have other things like my kelp studies to keep me busy. Besides, I get enough Horde wannabes wandering by trying to take a shot at me anyway.

[Host]: So lets get to the question that everyone is waiting for: you and Thrall. Is there something going on there.

[Jaina]: Well, he does have a huge cock.

[Host]: Jaina Proudmore, thanks very much for coming on the show.

[Jaina]: My pleasure. Here’s a little packet of dried kelp as a gift. I made it myself.

[Host]: Oh … um, thanks very much.