I haven’t been posting much lately as this time of year is bat-shit-hell-fire crazy for me in terms of work load. To top it all off I’ve been getting a band together as I finally discovered a great bass player in my little Italian mountain valley. It turns out he’s been living here almost as long as I have, so how we haven’t bumped into each other yet I do not know. But anyway, we also have a more than competant drummer who understands how to play softly, and with yours truly on guitar and vocals, tonight we’re going to rip it up for our first performance down in my bar. Interest has been huge so hopefully we’ll pull it off. This mornings practice session sounded pretty awesome though. Loud enough for the local copper to stop by and tell us to turn it down. Yeah baby!

So this is our play list for this evening:

First set:

Scooby Snacks – Fun Lovin’ criminals.
Soul to squeeze – RHCP
I will Survive – Cake’s version
Walking on the Sun – Smash Mouth
Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz
Always on the Run – Kravitz again.
Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger

Second Set.
Winter Solistice – The Tea Party.
Gallows Poll – Led Zeppelin
Ms Jackson – The Vine’s version
Troubled Man – My own song this one.
Pride & Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughn
Root Down/Sabotage – The Beastie Boys
Killing in the Name of – Rage against the machine

The Winter Solistice song is great, as my bass player uses a Bodhràn Drum on it. Check it out here:

We do the first three songs of the 2nd set sitting down on stools as I use an acoustic guitar for these. So anyway, this has been taking up my time, but hopefully I’ll be writing and playing a bit more soon. Later kiddies.

Oh yeah, the name of the band is, “The Love Machine”.