I get a lot, and I mean a lot of scam attempts on my noisyrogue email address with the intention of hacking my WoW account. But on my actual WoW email address I get none at all. Which is why I was somewhat surprised to get a message from “Blizzard” the other day on my Battlenet email address. It was plausable enough to warrent me having a good look at it for a few minutes until I could spot that it was a scam. Here it is in full:


This is an automated notification sent from our account security system. You logined your account successfully at 2:41 on Jun. 30th form the 207.29.143.* IP range. According to the report of many players, we found that the account published spam information in the game which harassed other users seriously. This action has violated the EULA.

As too many customers’ complaints, the IP range above has been blacklisted. We are concerned about whether your account has been stolen. In order to guarantee the legitimacy of your account, we need you check your account status as soon as possible.

To do so, simply click here:


Blizzard staff will verify your account information submitted in two days, please do not modify your account information and password during this time . It will not affect your game uptime.

For more information, click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions or to contact the Blizzard Billing & Account Services team.


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment
Online Privacy Policy

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it. The ‘click here’ quote is a link to the real Blizzard EU battlenet support page and the ‘online privacy policy’ at the end is also a real link to battlenet. Once you know where to spot the scam though it’s quite easy to see. If you mouse over the link that they want you to click you can see that the actual web address that shows up at the bottom of your screen is http://www.battle.1ogin, with a 1 replacing the letter ‘l’. Like I said, I get so many scam attempts that I am usually hardened to them but this one tripped me up for just a minute. So I thought that I’d share it with you all just in case you may get the same one and fall for their nasty little trap. The links aren’t showing up on my copy and paste here however, so you’ll just have to trust me on these as I don’t want to put their real links up and have someone actually click on it by mistake or because their moron factor is too high.