Chase has his latest Encrypted Text article up at In it he speaks about the new talent tree system and how rogues are now being made to take non-dps talents like improved kick and improved sprint and how much of a wonderful thing this is. Because apparently if it was left up to us rogues, all we want to do with the talent trees is use them to improve our dps. So Blizzard has to “force” us to take these non-dps talents which then improve our game experience and make us have more “fun”.

Chase says: “…How else could Blizzard get us to flex our options, to truly try out some of the fun talents built into our trees? Rogues simply won’t do something unless it increases their damage, and Blizzard has caught on to that fact…”

Well, I call bullshit on this whole argument. The reason that rogues do everything we can to improve our dps at the expense of all other “fun” talents is because Blizzard has designed the game that way. There is no more use of crowd control – fact. That was not our choice. Blizzard has turned us into pure damage machines and now they are surprised and wish to force us into fun talents. Because, according to Chase, apparently the Blizzard developers know what is best for us.
People keep arguing that this will not be the case in Cataclysm, that heroics and raids will change thus making these talents necesarry. I see no evidence for that. What is more, improved sprint, reinforced leather, blade twisting – what the hell have these got to do with crowd control? Rogues might be forced to take these talents to get to the dps talents that they want, but unless Blizzard changes the fundemental premise of how heroics and raids operate, no rogue worth his dps will ever be actually using these in an encounter.

Lets take the entry raid for Burning Crusade, Karazhan. When I raided in there I never once looked at a dps chart. In every fight I used every ability that I had, running from one mob to the next, locking this one down, stunning that one, then getting some time on the boss, then repeating over again. My worth was not based on my number output at the end of the fight. My worth was based on whether or not I could do my job and stay up for the whole fight. In Wrath that situation changed completely, to one of spending the fight looking at a bosses butt and a dps chart, interspersed with running out of the fire/purple/green/ bits.

Now Chase says that us rogues are just dps monsters who must be bullied into using non-dps talents by the all-knowing wise ones at Blizzard? As my ex once said to me, I find this all a bit hard to swallow.