The next month is full on shit time crazy for me, what with running a bar, guiding a raft and playing in a band. So no real time to play WoW, apart from logging on every week or so for 5 minutes so Gevlon doesn’t kick me out of the guild. Therefore, the following month will be a little quiet on the blog front, although I will jump in and wade into battle in my oh so subtle way if anything juicy comes up.

A few people have asked me to post some video’s of the band in action. While I do have these, I am not one for completely outing myself on the internets to a bunch of weirdo video-game playing stalkers such as yourselves. So you’ll just have to take my word for it that, yes we are the awesomeness. If you’re really curious then I guess you’ll just have to pop over and spend some money in my bar, won’t you.