My favorite rogue blogger, Akiros at roguerogue has quit the game and blogging. Now, this wasn’t much of a surprise as he hadn’t posted for over two months, but you still harbor some scant hope that maybe, just maybe he’s away skipping through fields in the Ukraine and will be back soon with awesome stories of Ukranian babes to tell us.
Sadly, this was not the case. He has done the goodbye post. I like his goodbye post as he states some interesting points about the game and where it is. In particular he speaks about world PvP and how, not only that it doesn’t happen anymore but that todays players are against it. Witness the reaction to a world PvP video as evidence. This made me realise that I really miss the Gankers project. The thing about the Gankers was that we never sat around in Dalaran. We were always out, roaming the world, hunting down the horde. In short, we were playing the game. When we switched to the PuG project, the immediate glaring difference was that we began hanging around Dalaran, killing time between raids. I got so bored that I actually dropped enchanting so I could spend some time levelling another profession. And at the end of the day, co-ordinating 10 players to take down a boss so you can get some loots doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as jumping a bunch of horde trying to do the fishing daily. I don’t know how to resolve this. Perhaps I could undertake a solo ganking project to become universally hated by the opposing faction on my PvP server. It’s a nice idea, but unfortunately I have a life, so it probably wouldn’t amount to much.

So roguerogue is dead. Long live roguerogue! It was the best rogue PvP site out there by far, and Akrios was a great blogger and an awesome player. I hope he leaves the site up for posterity.