Dreck, my faithful undead priest, is level 12. My first mistake was to not do any initial research on talent points. Now I know that I should have 3 points in Spirit Tap. I am literally having to drink an entire glass of milk after every fight.

“Go out into the world, brave dangers, battle demons and undead … and drink milk! Now with an extra glass of calcium in every drop, Slave Milk is your go to drink of choice when hunting warg hearts.”

I haven’t made any friends yet, but I still have some time before I hit my first instance. I jumped on this morning to do a few things. While lurking around Silverpine Forest I spotted a nasty level 19 elite named Son of Arugal. He had that look about him, the look that said, I will piss all over you. So I scouted around him, and then hopped up on a fallen log that bridged a little chasm and made my way safely over to the other side. There were a bunch of other mobs, so I did the old trick of skirting close to the base of the mountains and trees to get around them. There was only one mob in my way. It was … the Son of Arugal. I must admit I had a bit of a ‘what the fuck’ moment. Didn’t I just leave you behind about 100 meters over there? It couldn’t be the same one because he was patroling a small set area. I sighed as only undead can sigh, and went to skirt around him again when suddenly … my computer screen locked. I knew what was about to happen. I had my virus scan running in the background and it had chosen that exact moment to proudly inform me that it had found something, which obviously threw me out of WoW for a moment. I scrambled to click the little icon at the bottom of the screen, and WoW came back up. You get audio a split second before visual in these situations, and my audio was the sickening sound of my priest getting munched. Son of a bitch.

Anyway, levelling a priest sucks. There’s not much more that I can say about it than that. You are designed to heal but to level you have to kill things. It’s a strange juxtapostion. Up to level 10 you only get one real attack, a little smight button. Smight, smight, smight, that is your lot in life. And heaven forbid if you fall into the terrible trap of pulling two mobs. You are basiclly shit-toast if this happens. Oh sure, you can DoT one mob and then “concentrate” on the other one, while “shielding” yourself, but the only real hope you have is that you manage to take one of them down before you die so that when you come back you’ll be able to take the second one out as well. If I get to level 20 on this I will be surprised. Mostly because in a months time the summer season here will be winding down and I’ll be able to go back to raiding with my rogue. I miss my rogue. She can kill things, and crowd control things, and apprently in Cataclysm she will be able to heal herself as well. Anyone who says that levelling a rogue is too hard is nuts. Compared to a priest they are a level of bliss.