I got a few comments on yesterdays post with advice on how to make leveling with my undead, grumpy, nerve-wracked, priest easier. These comments were all very nice and always much appreciated, but the truth of the matter is that I would never use an heirloom item, for example. These items go against everything that I spend time in a game doing. Let me explain the leveling process for me.

This is a game, and I want to have fun. There is no fun in grinding your way to level 80. It is just that – a grind. And what is left at the end of it? Hanging around in Dalaran between raids and heroics, awesome. I like to take my toon through the game and see how well I can do. What drops do I get, how much gold can I amass without any help, what would be the best professions to take for this toon? I like to explore, not to gather the quests in the most efficient way possible so as to maximise my XP per hour. I have been exploring Tirisfal Glades, sticking my rotting nose into places that I have never been before. What’s over here? A little path down to the beach, lets check it out. I don’t have a quest down there but I’m playing a game, I want to relax and have fun.

Likewise with my new priest. Decking him out in heirlooms and blasting my way through the levels is just not my thing. It seems unimaginative and very un-fun to have the same items all the way to level 80. I doubt that I will even get him to 80. But at the moment I cannot play in the evening so raiding is out with my rogue. I usually have a few hours in the morning to relax after working all night, so my priest is the go for now. I want to see how he develops, in what direction he goes. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone all weirdo role-playing or anything like that. But I am playing, playing a game, and I do like to use my imagination and get into the toon. I like my toons to surprise me, to take me down unbeaten paths. So far, Druka the Forsaken discipline priest is proving to be a bit of a handfull. I like him, he’s cool. Anyone who weilds this baby has to be awesome. I am never selling that weapon. It will go in the bank for all posterity and if I ever get Druka to level 80 it will be his weapon of choice to wear in major cities.