Startcraft II is not my thing, so there is no danger of this distracting me from the MMORG monster that is WoW. And with every other MMO game being almost exactly the same, (sure the graphics change, and the professions are different and the combat has different icons, but in the end it is the same grind to get the same stuff in the same way that all the other ones are doing), there is no real danger at this point of me being seduced away by Star Wars Galaxies or any other new MMO.

But on September 21, Civilization V will be released. Bilsybub pointed me today to this awesome review of the game, and I can say with great honesty that this will take over my life. Click on those screenshots and have a good look at them. Do they not make your head spin with desire? If you are not a Civ fan then I am sure that your response will be a predictable, meh. But if you are a Civ fan then this is mana from heaven. And this is the great thing about Civ – it never ends, and it just keeps on getting better, (apart from little hiccups along the way, Test of Time, cough cough).

I purchased the original Civ on its release back in 1991. Is there any other video game that has undergone 20 years of continual development? Age of Empires maybe? Do they still make that? Civ follows the development of computer games and operating systems. You can track the development of the video game genre just by playing each of these games one after the other. 20 years ago, that’s a long time. I still have all my orginal Civ games. So when a new Civ release that looks this good comes out, well, I hope my wife has something or someone to keep her occupied.

“What’s that baby? You’re going out with your friends to see if you can pick up soome hot studs in Spain? Have fun, I’m just invading Brasil.”